Owning a fiberglass pool can bring hours of enjoyment to your family and will create a space for all of your friends and loved ones to gather and make memories that will last a lifetime. How do you know whether you should choose a fiberglass pool? How much do fiberglass pools cost?  How long do they last? Are fiberglass pools easier to maintain than vinyl or gunite? Do they have cool features? Use the buttons below to navigate the topics that interest you.

Fiberglass pool cost

How much does an inground fiberglass pool cost? This is a common question, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The price will be determined by the size and shape of the fiberglass pool you choose as well as the additional features you desire. A fiberglass pool will fit into most any backyard. An easy guideline to start would be $1000- $1500 per linear foot. You’ll need to consider not just the cost of the pool itself, but also the accessories that will make your new pool perfectly fit your lifestyle. 

Financing a pool purchase is also a big concern for fiberglass pool buyers. Much like any other home improvement investment, there are lots of options available.

However, there are many more factors to consider when pricing your new pool. Consider how long you will have the pool. Fiberglass is extremely durable and basically lasts forever, but vinyl and gunite usually have to be replaced or renovated over the life of pool ownership and can cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, fiberglass pools need less chemical treatment and better resist algae, potentially saving hundreds of dollars per year on chemicals.

Why fiberglass pools

Inground fiberglass pools are amazing. They’re built to last a lifetime, they come in a wonderful array of shapes, sizes and colors. They also have awesome features like built-in benches and tanning ledges and they’re quick to install. 

When comparing fiberglass pools to other options, like vinyl-liner or gunite, you’ll find that fiberglass pools come out ahead in terms of ease of maintenance, speed of installation, low chemical usage, smoothness of finish, durability and energy efficiency, making fiberglass pool ownership an experience that will bring years of memory-making fun for your friends and family alike.

Pet owners, if your furry kids love to swim as much as you do, fiberglass pools are the way to go. You’ll never have to worry about a tear in a vinyl liner or scratched paws from from a rough surface in a gunite pool. Fiberglass pools also have multiple entry points that make it easy for pets of all shapes and sizes to enter and exit the pool.

How fiberglass pools are made

Fiberglass is an incredibly versatile and durable material. It really is fibers of glass that are spun so finely that they can be molded into all kinds of shapes. Fiberglass can be found in automobile and boat parks, shower stalls, amusement park rides and insulation. The lasting strength of fiberglass results in a pool investment that will last a lifetime.

The manufacturing process for a fiberglass pool is fascinating. The pools are first designed with 3D software in order to create a mold on which the fiberglass pool shell will be built. After the mold is built, the fiberglass shell is created with multiple layers of fiberglass. The shell is then demolded and shipped as one piece to a lucky family for years of fun and enjoyment.

Fiberglass pool maintenance

Maybe you’ve thought about getting a fiberglass pool for years, but have hesitated because you worry that it might be difficult or time-consuming to maintain. Fiberglass pools are actually considerably easier to maintain than vinyl or gunite pools. The key is to keep your water chemistry balanced.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on maintenance of systems, like your filters, and there are tips and tricks to help reduce your pool’s operating costs and heating costsOnce you’ve got that under control you’ll have hours of worry-free fiberglass pool enjoyment!

Fiberglass Pool Features, Trends, Shapes and Designs

There have been many marvelous advances in fiberglass pools over recent years, in both features and designs. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in fiberglass pools today.

Built-in tanning ledges

Tanning ledges are a highly sought-after feature in pools today. They’re an oasis of tranquility for sun worshippers and also a perfect perch for young swimmers as they learn to enjoy the water. Not all tanning ledges are created equal, and not every type of pool can offer them, so look for a built-in tanning ledge that’s properly supported and large enough to fit at least two ledge loungers with room for swimmers to enter and exit the pool. A variety of manufacturers offer some great tanning ledge designs for fiberglass pools.

Once you’ve found a great tanning ledge pool design, the fun really begins. You now get to choose tanning ledge furniture and accessories to make your tanning ledge feel like an extension of your outdoor living space. The options and choices get better all the time.

Who wouldn’t want a tanning ledge? Like we said, it’s a quite popular option. However, if you want to maximize every possible inch of swim area and are confident that you will mostly use your pool for swimming laps, exercise and games, a tanning ledge might not be the ideal pool design feature for you.

Shapes, sizes and designs

Fiberglass pools come in a great selection of shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one to fit your yard, no matter how large or small it is. For a classic look, you might choose a more traditional rectangular design. These are great because they’re automatic pool safety cover-ready. If you’re after a more natural look, a freeform fiberglass pool is a great choice for you.

Beach Entry (Zero Entry) and Sunken Living Room Fiberglass Pools

Two of the coolest recent innovations in the fiberglass pool industry are beach entry fiberglass pools and sunken living room fiberglass pools. Either design will add a unique impact to your backyard pool oasis.

Beach entry fiberglass pools came on the scene in 2018 and became available to order in 2019. They’re great for families with little ones, or any swimmers who need a way to ease gradually into the water. With a beach entry fiberglass pool, you can create your own island resort and have a staycation all season long. They are perfect for entertaining with incredible beach-themed parties. Overall, a beach entry fiberglass pool will cost a bit more than a traditional fiberglass pool design, but think of all the money you’ll save on vacations!

Sunken living room fiberglass pools made their debut in the fiberglass pool industry in February of 2019. They feature a dry sunken area within the pool that can have a dining table, sitting area with a coffee table, fire pit or swim-up bar (complete with a fridge if you choose!). Sunken living rooms can be customized with LED lighting and a sound system, as well as tile, stone or wood accents to complement your outdoor living area design. It can also be topped with a tanning deck or putting green. For those who prefer the ultimate, luxury pool-in-pool experience, the dry area can be replaced with a spa! Sunken living room fiberglass pools offer loads of in-pool experiences you can’t get anywhere else!

Sunken living room designs are slated to be available for order in 2020. Pool owners who are interested in a sunken living room fiberglass pool design should get on the waitlist to be able to order one.

What’s the best fiberglass pool?

With all the wonderful choices available in fiberglass pools today, how can you choose the perfect pool for your family? Start by considering your family’s style and how you plan to use your pool.

For example, if your family plans to swim laps and play games, choose a large pool with wide-open swim lanes. If your yard is smaller, but you still want plenty of room to socialize, choose a pool that packs a ton of swim area into a compact space. Large families with lots of swimmers will do best with a big pool with lots of built-in seating. Grandparents who are looking for just enough pool to host the family might choose a lovely freeform fiberglass pool design that adds to the aesthetics of their space.

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