Ask the General: What Fiberglass Pool Shape Should I Choose for a Natural Look?

fiberglass pool shapesDear General


We have started saving for a pool. I know for sure I want an inground pool, and we’re pretty set on a fiberglass pool, but I’ve been going in circles with all the different designs available. I love my gardens and landscaping, and I want something that will not only blend in but enhance the look of our backyard. What fiberglass pool shapes would look most natural?


Shapeless in Schaumberg

Dear Shapeless

Picking fiberglass pool shapes depend on the preferences of the customer. I have found that customers with similar wants and needs often choose a non-diving, “free-formed shaped” pool. For maximum aesthetic value, you’ll want to keep your inground pool in proportion to the size of your yard and in harmony with your landscaping, the style of your house and your family’s personality. Here are some things to consider to help you find the perfect fiberglass pool shape for your family:

Consult Your Pool Builder

First of all, once you’ve chosen a pool builder that you want to work with, trust their experience. You may already have started saving pictures from all over the internet, and you have most likely spent some time envisioning how those pools will look in your yard. But when you meet with the designer from the pool company, they might suggest something completely different.

While they should listen to your ideas and vision and understand your priorities for how you plan to use your pool, don’t dismiss their recommendations too quickly.  They often have years of experience designing pool projects. They’ve seen hundreds of backyards, and they know what works—and what doesn’t—so take advantage of their knowledge (and other people’s pool planning mistakes). Work together to brainstorm ideas and decide on the perfect pool for you.

Consider All the Great Fiberglass Pool Shapes

You mentioned that you’re leaning towards fiberglass. I think that’s a great choice. I would tell my customers that they could also get a vinyl liner or gunite (concrete) pool with similar features. Then, I would take some time and explain some of the pluses and minuses of custom building a pool, especially the costs involved. And in most cases, we would circle back around to the fiberglass pool. There are so many great fiberglass pool designs available that you’re sure to find fiberglass pool shapes that work perfectly with your yard for a much lower upfront investment and overall lower pool maintenance costs down the road.

Here are a couple of my favorite fiberglass pool shapes and designs from one of my favorite pool manufacturersThursday Pools:

  • Wellspring. One fiberglass pool shapesof my favorite free form fiberglass pool designs is the Wellspring. It comes in two sizes, so it will likely fit nicely in your yard. The eight-foot round,  built-in tanning ledge is a great spot for lounging and child’s play while the wrap-around benches give you ample room to socialize.
  • Sun Day. This pool has that great curvy feel too without the tanning ledge. However, the 12-inch deep sun shelf and wrap around benches provide plenty of room for lounging, and the large open swim area allows for water activities.
  • Pearl. This is a little gem of a pool with a beautiful shell shape. At just 25’ long, Pearl won’t take up too much green space. The 12-inch deep tanning ledge can double as a wading pool for young swimmers. And the wrap around bench will provide plenty of space to entertain and socialize in the pool.
  • Titus. Titus is slightly less curvy and a bit more symmetrical. It’s great for play and exercise; its wrap-around, elongated benches provide a great spot to relax and entertain.
  • Sandal Beach Entry. If you really want a back-to-nature experience with your pool, you might look into one of these brand new beach entry fiberglass pool shapes (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). This pool is designed a lot like the Sun Day. However, with a zero entry, you can wade right in, just like you do at the beach.

Customize with Add-On Features and Accessories

Add-on features are a great way to make any pool uniquely yours. Here are a few you might consider:

  • Water features. You can’t get much more natural than the sound of water. Spillovers, waterfalls, step jets, bubblers and water spouts are some ways you can add to the natural ambiance of your new backyard oasis. You may also opt for a spa or wading pool to add an element of luxury.
  • LED lighting. Ask your pool builder about available lighting packages. LED lighting is especially beautiful for night-time swimming or gazing at the pool.
  • Custom concrete decking. No matter what fiberglass pool shape you choose, you can really jazz up and customize the area around your pool with contoured sculpted concrete decking. Add in options like a two-tone stamped finish to make it really unique.

The good news is this: you’re gonna have so much fun with your family in your new pool that this time of wondering and worrying will seem like a distant memory this time next year. You’ll look out your window and won’t even be able to remember what your yard looked like before your awesome new pool. Hope this helped!

Until next time–

The General

The General is an Indiana-based pool building expert with years of experience in the fiberglass pool business. Now retired, he offers his tip and tricks on pool selection, installation and maintenance here in his monthly articles. Get more great swimming pool owner information and advice from Thursday Pools. And, if you think you’re ready to take the plunge with a new inground fiberglass pool, get a free estimate today!