Throw a California Themed Party Around Your Pool!

Everyone loves a pool party. What could be better than good friends, good food and fun next to your beautiful inground fiberglass pool? Well, if you’re ready to take your entertaining to the next level, why not add a theme to your next pool party? If you love west coast style, cool color schemes and light, delicious and elegant food, plan a California themed party around your inground fiberglass pool and you’ll impress your friends with a party they’ll talk about for years to come.

The key components of a California beach party are:

  • Healthy (but tasty!) food. California cuisine is focused around fresh and local ingredients. Making everything easy to pick up and eat while moving around and chatting also amps up the social factor of your pool party.
  • Subtle color schemes. While bright, primary colors are fun, save them for a more casual beach party or kid’s party. Choose a color scheme that’s reflective of the ocean—shades of white and sand, aqua and maybe a splash of coral. These colors will look amazing next to the water in your pool, especially if your pool color is a lovely shade of blue.
  • A special occasion. You’ve had plenty of parties around your inground fiberglass pool that were casual affairs like pitch-ins or barbeques. Use a California themed party to entertain the boss or a group of very close friends. Or perhaps you’re celebrating an anniversary, a landmark birthday or even a small wedding or rehearsal dinner. Take a little extra time to attend to the details that will make this party one to remember.
  • A beautiful, inground fiberglass pool, of course! A Californa themed party without a beautiful pool just doesn’t have the same feel. And, if you really want to take your beach-themed pool parties to the next level, look into getting a beach entry fiberglass pool! You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every day and your guests will feel like they’re been transported to the coast!

Ready to make a splash and wow your family and friends with a spectacular party? Check out this handy guide that will help you create an amazing California themed party. It will make planning your party a snap!