Is It A True Beach Entry?

Don’t be fooled by imitations!

beach entry fiberglass poolAre you considering a beach entry fiberglass pool? Are you confused about the options out there? Don’t be! There is only one manufacturer that offers a true beach entry fiberglass pool! Yep, that’s us. We worked hard to design a fiberglass pool that gives you a true beach entry. Our beach entry designs start you at a point of zero water depth giving you that zero entry pool you dream of!
We are super excited about receiving our utility patent #10,358,837 and look forward to being the exclusive provider of beach entry fiberglass pools for many years to come. Having said that, there are a lot of folks trying to catch some of the beach entry buzz, and their claims can be misleading. Not every pool that claims to be a “beach entry” is truly “zero entry.” Let’s take a look at some fiberglass pool designs that might claim the name “beach entry”, but do not offer you the experience of, or meet the definition of a true beach entry fiberglass pool.

  1. Simple Step. Some pool designs touted as a “beach entry” actually have a four-inch step-down onto a large landing area or sun ledge. While these are nice designs, they are not a beach entry. The four-inch step-down may not seem like a lot, but it also doesn’t take into account the thickness of your pool coping or cantilever concrete which sits on top of the pool shell. With the average height of pool coping at four inches, that takes your initial step into the pool to eight inches. Once your pool is installed, you’ll realize you have quite a distance to step down into before you actually get to the “beach.” Swimmers who are less than steady on their feet may have a hard time safely negotiating this type of entry, which negates one of the main benefits of having a beach entry to begin with.

step down fiberglass pool

  1. Sloped Tanning Ledge. This version also begins with a four-inch step down, onto a sloped tanning ledge. Again, this design does not have the same effect as a true beach entry. You’re not starting from a dry point and stepping into water—you’re in water from the point where the pool begins. The same coping height applies to this design as well, making your first step an eight inch step-down onto a WET, sloping surface. This option also fails to offer the luxury of the zero entry beach experience and can make it tricky for both two and four-legged swimmers to safely enter and exit the pool.

sloped tanning ledge fiberglass pool

Only one fiberglass pool manufacturer makes a TRUE beach entry

A beach entry pool can transform your backyard, creating a place for family staycations for years to come, and be the inspiration for fabulous beach-themed parties and celebrations. But, if you’re considering getting a beach entry pool, you need to ask your pool builder: “Is this a true beach entry pool?” Do your research upfront and make an informed decision. Then, it’s off to the beach!

true beach entry fiberglass pool

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