The Lucky 7 Skimmer™

Lucky 7 Skimmer revolutionizes skimmers for fiberglass pool industry

Fiberglass pool manufacturer Thursday Pools’ invention benefits industry and consumers

FORTVILLE, IN– Every once in awhile, something truly innovative comes along. Thursday Pools’ new Lucky 7 Skimmer is going to make fiberglass pool maintenance a lot easier in 2018.  It’s designed exclusively for fiberglass pools, with a 7-degree angle and an improved mounting plate. This makes it easier to install, improves skimming function, optimizes water level and provides a more streamlined, polished look.

Given the required five to ten degree slope of fiberglass pool walls, installing an ordinary skimmer has always been a bit of a trick. Most skimmers on the market are created for vinyl or gunite pools, and they’re designed to mount flush to their straight sides. Traditionally, the only way to install a standard skimmer was to angle several extension collars to correct the slope, and then seal the angled areas with silicone. Additionally, the lip on the mounting plates of traditional skimmers doesn’t extend back far enough to cover the edge of the exposed fiberglass, making that rough edge visible from inside the pool.

The Lucky 7 Skimmer has changed all that, making it a true innovation in the pool business. And it’s compatible with virtually every fiberglass pool on the market. Some of the benefits for the industry and its customers include:

  • The Lucky 7 Skimmer fits perfectly with the edge of a fiberglass pool, reducing the need for multiple extension collars.
  • No raw fiberglass is exposed inside the skimmer, providing a clean and finished look.
  • Simplified installation; Pool installers no longer have to accommodate for the slope.
  • Optimized water level; pool owners can finally enjoy the full depth of their investments.
  • Improved skimmer function; the skimmer can be installed at the proper angle to allow for good water flow, which means cleaner, healthier and safer water.

“We’re really excited for both dealers and consumers to experience our Lucky 7 Skimmer,” said Ed Vondell, Chief Operating Officer at Thursday Pools. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve the fiberglass pool ownership experience, and we truly feel as though this product will make their lives easier and improve the look and overall enjoyment of any fiberglass pool.”

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About Thursday Pools

With over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing fiberglass and composites, Thursday Pools designs and manufactures fiberglass pool shells that are handcrafted with the highest standards and craftsmanship. Their manufacturing facility is located in Fortville, IN.