Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

swimming pool myths debunked

Fall is finally upon us. How many times during this long, hot summer did you say to yourselves, “We really need to get a pool?” But the summer has slipped by, and (much like the diehard Cub’s fans used to say) you’ve found yourself saying, “Wait ‘til next year.”

Why did you talk yourselves out of it? Maybe your household is divided into two camps: Pro-Pool and No-Pool. If so, what are the reasons the No-Pool camp are using in their argument to keep you from enjoying next summer blissfully splashing around in the lap of luxury and being the envy of the neighborhood?

Are the naysayers worried about cost? Safety? How much work it might be? Or maybe everyone is on board with the idea, but you’ve hit a wall in the negotiations in terms of what kind of pool you should get.

Either way, there are a lot of pool myths floating around (pun intended) out there. For example, chlorine doesn’t really turn your hair green. (The greenish tint that some blonde-haired swimmers can sometimes sport after swimming is actually caused by copper sulfate, which is used to combat algae.) And, no matter what your mom told you, you don’t really have to wait an hour after eating to swim. The thought behind this is that you’re more likely to get a “stitch” or cramp if you swim on a full stomach, but this is not supported by medical evidence. If you’re prone to cramps, you might want to stretch a bit before swimming, but either way, feel free to enjoy your dinner and then jump right on in and swim off those calories.

So, if you’re curious about what’s true and what’s not when it comes to swimming pool costs, investment and safety, check out our handy list of the Top 8 Swimming Pools Myths Debunked. And if it helps you turn the No-Pool camp into the Pro-Pool camp, you’re welcome… And happy swimming!