The Sandersons Get a Sun Day

fiberglass poolMeet the Sandersons: Al and Phyllis Sanderson live in Petoskey, Michigan. They moved to Michigan from Chicago when Al retired in 2011. Al and Phyllis are both very active, and they love to ride bikes and walk (although Phyllis has been having a little trouble with her hips and knees lately.) Their grandkids, Amanda, who’s 9, and Cody, who just turned 6, are the lights of their lives. The kids come to visit every summer for three weeks, and the Sandersons are always looking for fun ways to spend quality time with them in Petoskey.

The Sandersons have decided to get a pool.

Amanda and Cody both love to swim. They always beg to go over to the Roush’s house when they visit, because the Roush’s have a pool. But Al and Phyllis have a big surprise in store for the kids—there’s going to be a brand new inground pool in the backyard when they arrive this summer!

They’ve asked the Roush’s for advice because they love their pool. The Roush’s have and recommend an inground fiberglass pool because it’s durable and low maintenance. The Sanderson’s realtor friends have also told them an inground fiberglass pool will most likely increase the resale value of their house, so they feel that fiberglass is definitely their best bet. Now, they just need to decide which inground fiberglass pool is right for them.

Here are some factors they’re considering:

  • Their yard isn’t huge, and they want to keep some room for grass and landscaping.
  • Aesthetics matter to Phyllis. She wants something pretty, and she’s much more into curves than straight lines.
  • Al wants a place where he can sit and read his book in the sun and still stay cool.
  • Phyllis wants to be able to do water calisthenics, so she doesn’t want it to be too deep.
  • It’s important to both of them that the pool has easy in-and-out stairs.
  • The kids want to swim, swim, swim all day long.

The Sandersons chose the Sun Day by Thursday Pools.

Here’s why:

  • The Sun Day is available in three sizes. The smallest Sun Day, which is 15’ x 30’, was a perfect fit for their yard.
  • The curving, asymmetrical, freeform shape of the Sun Day appealed to Phyllis. It’s a lovely complement to her rose and peony bushes.
  • Al fell in love with the 12” deep sun shelf, because it had just enough room for him to relax, away from the action.
  • The 15 x 30 Sun Day is 3’ deep in the shallow-end (which is great for Cody) and 5’3” at its maximum depth, so it’s ideal for Phyllis’ water aerobics.
  • The wide steps and non-skid finish throughout make both Phyllis and Al feel comfortable and safe when they’re getting in and out of the pool.
  • The wide-open swim lanes have plenty of space for swim races and games.

The Sandersons and their grandkids are in pool heaven.

fiberglass poolPhyllis exercises in the pool every morning. It’s perfect for keeping her knees and hips moving (while keeping her hair dry, which is key!) She’s starting to notice that her joints ache less than they did before the Sun Day came to their home. Al loves the sun shelf so much that he has named it “Grandpa’s Ledge.”

Amanda and Cody swim from sun up until sun down, until they turn into prunes. They never ask to go to the neighbors anymore. Why would they, when there’s a backyard pool paradise right outside Grandma and Grandpa’s door? They look forward to their time in Petoskey even more than they did before, and they’re making memories with their grandparents that will last a lifetime.

The Sandersons found their perfect pool, and you can too. If you’re ready to start making a lifetime of memories in a new inground fiberglass pool, contact a dealer today or get an estimate. Pool heaven awaits.

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*Based on the personalities, demographics and fun-loving spirit of our Thursday Pools customers, we’ve created some fictional families and paired them with their perfect pool!