Another Thursday Pools Expansion Reflects Their Relentless Commitment to Quality, Innovation and Safety

The 40,000-square foot expansion means shorter turn-around times, improved employee safety, even better quality control and room to keep creating amazing innovations and durable fiberglass pools!

Indiana’s Thursday Pools manufactures the world’s best and most durable fiberglass pools, and they just keep finding ways to get better. They’re relentlessly committed to quality, safety and innovation. They are in the process of completing a 40,000-square foot expansion of their fiberglass pool manufacturing facility which will increase their total facility space to 100,000-square feet. The expansion increases production, storage and employment capacities and will help Thursday Pools create an even safer working environment.

“We started out with 20,000 square feet. We just added 40,000 square feet onto our facility two years ago, but we’re still growing,” said Bill Khamis, Thursday Pools CFO. “We’ve made a commitment to continual improvement through our ISO 9001 certification, and this expansion is the next step to advance and improve our business, on many levels.”

Faster turn-around times

Thursday Pools’ business is rapidly expanding. With more than double the total facility space, their team will be able to manufacture more fiberglass pool shells, resulting in shorter lead times during high season. So, when you’re ready to buy YOUR inground fiberglass pool, you’ll be in the swim sooner!

Local job creation

Thursday Pools cares about their community, and they’re excited to bring more jobs to Hancock County. They truly believe that their employees are family, and they’re delighted that their family now has room to grow.

Safety is paramount

Loading a fiberglass pool shell onto a truck is no small feat. A fiberglass pool shell weighs between 1200 and 4200 pounds, depending on the size of the pool. Having a dedicated area for fiberglass pool shell loading means that employees will be safer during the loading process because there will not be any other equipment or production happening in the same space.

More room to keep inventing

The team at Thursday Pools never stops thinking about ways to improve the fiberglass pool experience. The expanded facility will allow them to have dedicated manufacturing areas for two amazing Thursday Pools fiberglass inground pool innovations: The Geo-Anchoring Pool System and the Backfill Eliminator®. Both of these innovations have resulted in exclusive, cutting-edge installation processes that make their pools easier to install, with the industry’s best warranties. They’ve also added two new Beach Entry designs, Grace and Sandal (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839), to their line this year, and they will begin production of their new Sunken Living Room designs in 2020.

An outdoor pool showroom

The facility expansion is not limited to just the interior. It will also include a ½-mile of road leading to a twelve-acre fiberglass pool storage area. This new storage area will facilitate lead times on orders and allow both customers and dealers to view the pool shells in person, as the Thursday Pools team can chauffeur them through the storage area via golf carts. So, if you want to actually have a seat in one of their pool designs, you can pop over to Fortville and check them out!

Still looking good!

The expansion will also look good. Thursday Pools is housed in a beautiful, historic, brick building. The additions to the building will match the original facade to maintain the integrity of the appearance of the building.

“We’re really never going to be satisfied,” concluded Thursday Pools CEO Ed Vondell. “There’s always something we can do better. We’re constantly striving to make fiberglass pools better for pool buyers and to make the Thursday Pools’ experience the very best it can be for our customers, our dealer family and our employee family.”

About Thursday Pools

Thursday Pools manufactures one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pools that are built for a lifetime of fun at its facility in Fortville, Indiana. They are leaders in the fiberglass pool industry, in innovation, quality and passion. They are relentlessly dedicated to improving the fiberglass pool experience, for pool owners and pool builders alike.

Because of their groundbreaking innovations, Thursday Pools will be featured on an upcoming episode of Success Files with Rob Lowe which will air in 2019.