Top 5 Features to Look for in a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pool designs are packed full of fun built-in features. Each fiberglass pool design offers you different features and benefits. Here are some top features and why you might want to look for them when selecting a fiberglass pool design for your backyard swimming project.

  1. Benches and Seats. In-pool benches and seats are an excellent way to enjoy your swimming pool. Benches bring a perfect conversation area into the pool. Most folks just want to chill when they hit the water; these offer a great way to do that. In fact, some of our customers have lovingly referred to them as their beverage bench. They enjoy winding down at the end of a long day with their favorite beverage in hand. Toddlers love to stand on them and waddle back and forth and try their chances at jumping into the deeper part of the pool. Benches and seats are generally down about 18”-22” from the top of the pool, so the water depth will be 14”-18”.
  2. Multiple Points of Entry and Exits. Having multiple entries and exit points has several advantages. More design freedom with the pool and patio layout is one big advantage. If you can only access the pool at one corner, then that naturally limits the position that the pool can be in. Multiple entries and exits are also ideal for those who may tire quickly while swimming, like young kids and our furry friends who like to take a dip.
  3. Tanning Ledge. Tanning ledges and sunshelves in fiberglass pools offer luxury living at its finest. If you are looking to bring home that resort vacation, tanning ledges are a great way to recreate that experience in your backyard. Tanning ledges can vary in depth, our standard for a tanning ledge is 12” from the top of the pool which equates to about  6”-8” of water depth. Outfit the tanning ledge with ledge loungers, and bubblers, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!
  4. Wading Area. When you are looking for a full body submersion or a great place for toddlers to splash and play, a fiberglass pool design with a nice wading area might be a feature you want to consider. Wading areas are similar to tanning ledges but offer more water depth. Water depth of a wading area is 14”-18” of water. Take a look at our new pool designs that offer wading areas that feature both a tanning ledge and a wading area.
  5. Swim Lane. A swim lane is an unobstructed space in the pool that can be easily used to swim laps back and forth in the pool. While you may not be looking to join the swim team, you may find that you enjoy a few vigorous strokes to exert pent up stress and energy. You will certainly fill invigorated enough once you hit the water.