Will an Inground Swimming Pool Add to my Home’s Resale Value?

When considering buying a pool, a popular question people ask is, “Does a pool add value to a home?” The short answer is “yes, it can.” However, it’s essential to acknowledge that while some home buyers see a pool as a huge asset, some buyers would never consider purchasing a home with a pool. In this post, we’ll consider some factors that help determine whether a pool (including a fiberglass pool) increases home value.

Fiberglass Pools increase home value


Above-ground pools will likely not increase your home value, so we will only consider inground pools. Remember that not all inground pools are created equal. A durable, shimmering blue fiberglass pool that is maintained and cared for will help resale more than a faded-out vinyl-lined pool with an obvious need for repair. Also, a lower maintenance pool will be more attractive to home buyers. 


Gunite pool maintenance includes steel brushing the surface every week, acid washing every three to five years, and resurfacing every 10 to 15 years. For vinyl liner pools, you will need to replace the liner every five to nine years. Both gunite and vinyl require more chemicals and maintenance time. With fiberglass pools,  there is no need to resurface and they require fewer chemicals, so a fiberglass pool provides less maintenance and longest-lasting finish. 



Climate is essential when considering the value-added relative to resale value. Generally speaking, homes with a longer swim season will garner a higher selling price from adding a pool versus a home in a colder, northern climate. 

Your neighborhood is also a factor. If many homes have pools in the neighborhood, homebuyers may expect you also to have a pool. Even in neighborhoods that don’t have a lot of houses with pools, home value can increase because it’s considered a unique selling proposition. A home with a pool is attractive in neighborhoods with a lot of school-aged children. 



Fiberglass Pools increase home valueChoose a pool size that’s in balance with the rest of your yard. While you might want as much pool as possible, future buyers may not. Plus, a large pool in a small yard won’t be as aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, modern inground pools come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so you can be sure to choose the right-sized pool. 


More and more home buyers are looking for outdoor multi-purpose spaces. It’s important that your pool complements the other activities that people want to enjoy outside. Choose a pool that will also give your backyard the feeling of an outdoor living room by adding lounging, cooking, dining and entertainment areas.



While above-ground pools will likely not add value to your home, inground pools can add 5% to 8% in value to a home on average. That said, how much value does adding a pool add? With a five to eight percent increase in home value, a $400,000 home might see an improved valuation of around $420,000 to $432,000. 



We believe that a fiberglass pool can add to your home value, but aside from that, there are other perks to owning a fiberglass pool by Thursday Pools.

fiberglass pool vs vinyl liner vs concrete

  • Quick to install – Fiberglass pools usually take days or a few weeks to install versus other pool types, which can take up to 6 months to install. This choice can mean the difference between capturing a swim season or being forced to wait until next year. Busy seasons may increase this install time, but a conversation with your dealer can let you know what your pool’s timeline will look like.
  • Attractive – The gel coat finish of fiberglass pools combined with clean, balanced water and sunlight makes for a stunning view. They look pretty great when paired with accent lighting at night, too. 

  • Feel – Some inground pool types can have a gritty surface that might scratch you. Others will have a much smoother surface and might cause you to slip and slide. Modern fiberglass pools feel solid and look slick but are neither slippery nor prone to snag your swimsuit. 

  • Beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors – For pairing a pool with your backyard, climate, and location, Thursday Pools offers pools in shapes, sizes, and colors that match practically every need. 

  • Durability – The durability of fiberglass pools is unparalleled. With vinyl, you will have to be careful to avoid rips or tears, and you’ll need to replace the liner about every 8 to 10 years. Gunite requires a heavier chemical regimen and periodic resurfacing. A fiberglass pool can last years without resurfacing or replacement. 

Built-in features – Fiberglass pools now have built-in features you might have only found in costly custom resort-style pools. Tanning ledges, beach entries, and wrap-around benches are among the features you can find in the Thursday Pools designs.