Will an Inground Swimming Pool Add to my Home’s Resale Value?

does a pool add value to a homeThe kids are clamoring for a pool. You’d like one too. But it’s a big decision and an even bigger investment. If you’re thinking with your heart, it’s easy to take the plunge. It’s fun to pore through pool idea books and pick your favorite pool accessories while imagining the years of family fun and togetherness that a new inground swimming pool would bring. If you’re thinking with your head, on the other hand, you’re doing tons of research and reading every blog about pool costs that you can find. You’re weighing the potential return on your investment and wondering if the benefits will be greater than the investment. So which part of you should win?

The fact of the matter is that you need to make the decision with both your head and your heart. Yes, your family will love the pool (and you, for getting it!) but it can also be an investment that will pay off in the end. Does a pool add value to a home? If you plan to stay in your house for a while, a pool might pay off in both fun and increased resale value. If you live in an area that’s really truly only warm for a month or so out of the year, a pool will probably not add value to your home. However, if you live in an area where Indian summer lingers and a heater can extend the swim season to four or five months out of the year, it may be worth your while to build an inground pool in your backyard.

How much value will an inground pool add to my home? In most areas, an inground pool will add an average of about 7% to a home’s value. For example:

  • Your home is currently worth $250,000
  • You spend $45,000 on an inground pool
  • You finance that pool for $375 per month over a period of 10 years
  • Once paid for, your pool will have added approximately $17,500 to your home’s value

Increase your odds of a higher resale value with these tips:

  1. Go inground. Inground pools add value to your home; above-ground, not so much. So, if you’re going to put in a pool, make a choice that will have lasting value.
  2. Choose fiberglass. Future buyers will be interested in a pool that’s durable and low maintenance, and that’s why you should choose fiberglass. Vinyl pools will need to have liners replaced and gunite pools eventually have to be resurfaced. Inground fiberglass pools will look great for many years to come.
  3. Balance your space. Choose a pool size that’s in balance with the rest of your yard. While you might want as much pool as will possibly fit, future buyers will probably also want to have some grass in the yard, so make sure you choose the right sized pool. A large pool in a small yard won’t be as aesthetically pleasing. There are tons of pool shapes, sizes and designs available. You’ll definitely be able to find an inground swimming pool that fits in your yard.
  4. Make it pretty. An attractive, well-landscaped inground swimming pool that fits in with the neighborhood as a whole will be much more appealing to potential buyers down the line, especially if you live in a more upscale neighborhood where lots of other homes have pools.
  5. Choose family-friendly. Inground swimming pools are definitely a hotter commodity in neighborhoods that attract families, so adding a pool to a family-friendly home can make it appealing to another family once your kids have left the nest and you’re ready to downsize.

does a pool add value to a homeIt is important to take into account the many factors of purchasing a pool, especially if you are still asking yourself, “does a pool add value to a home?” As you’re weighing the investment of an inground pool, you should also consider the funds you’ll save on beach vacations and private swim club memberships. You can funnel those funds into pool maintenance and enjoy a staycation all swim season long in the comfort of your own backyard.

So, how are your head and heart feeling about an inground swimming pool now? Are they both convinced? If so, it might be time to stop dreaming and start swimming.

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