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Meet the Langdons:

Steve and Maya Langdon live in, Oak Park, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Steve is a brand manager for a well-known online outdoor clothing retailer, and Maya is a yoga instructor. Steve and Maya both adore outdoor adventure, and fitness is very important to them. Their daughter Ellie is almost two years old. Ellie also loves adventure–she’s always up for a jaunt in her stroller, and there’s nothing she loves more than being out in the sunshine. It’s really important to Steve and Maya to teach Ellie about the joys of being playful and feeling healthy and strong.

The Langdons have decided to get a pool.

Steve and Maya are both big on research. When they first started thinking about getting a pool, they were worried that their backyard wasn’t big enough to accommodate a pool while leaving enough room for some grass for Ellie to play in. However, they soon discovered that there are several great pool designs for smaller yards that will allow them to have a fabulous inground pool and still have ample space for a patio and yard. And because they want a low maintenance pool that will give them the best resale value for their house, they’re going with a fiberglass pool over vinyl. Lastly, cost is a factor. They’ll need to finance their new pool, and they know that a smaller pool will require a smaller budget. Now, they just need to choose the best small fiberglass pool design for them.

Here are some some factors they’re considering:

  • They’re very social. They love to have friends over, and they’re envisioning lots of people hanging out in the pool.
  • Safety is crucial! They don’t ever want to have to worry that Ellie could wander into the pool unattended, so having a pool that is automatic safety cover-ready is non-negotiable.
  • A spot for Ellie. The pool needs to have a shallow area for Ellie to hang out while she learns to swim.
  • No slips and falls. They don’t want anyone to slip getting in and out of the pool, so they don’t want the steps or other surfaces to be slippery.
  • A place to play. They’d like a uniform depth for a competitive water game like basketball or volleyball.

The Langdons choose the Lil Bob by Thursday Pools.

thursday pools lil bob

Here’s why:

  • The perfect size. The Lil Bob has an overall size of 13.5’ x 27.5’, which packs a ton of swimming fun into the space they have available, while leaving room for furniture, landscaping and some green space for Ellie to play.
  • Lots of seating. The elongated, wraparound benches create a wonderful conversation area for friends and family.
  • Safety cover-ready. The Lil Bob is auto-cover ready, giving them both ease of maintenance and peace of mind.
  • Easy in and out. The full-length entry steps make for easy entrance and exit from the pool and give Ellie a perfect perch for splashing and learning to safely enjoy the water.
  • Non-skid surface. The non-skid surface on floor, benches and steps of the Lil Bob means safety and comfort for swimmers of all ages.
  • Fun-friendly depth. The flat-bottom 4’6” depth makes it ideal for entertaining and water fun.

The Langdons have their Happily Ever After with their Thursday Pools Lil Bob:

Now, the Langdons love their small backyard. Where there was once just a patch of grass to mow, there’s now a wonderful swimming pool oasis that’s ready to play any time they are. (Which is pretty much all the time.) Ellie loves the water, and “pool” is now her most spoken word! Maya and Steve are having a blast coming up with pool-themed party ideas, and their friends are always ready for the next weekend fiesta. Life is good indeed.

The Langdons found their perfect pool, and you can too, no matter the size of your yard. If you’re ready to start making a lifetime of memories in a new inground fiberglass pool, get an estimate today.

Take a 360 tour of the Lil Bob pool design!

thursday pools lil bob

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*Based on the personalities, demographics and fun-loving spirit of our Thursday Pools customers, we’ve created some fictional families and paired them with their perfect pool!