Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Tanning Ledge


Built-in tanning ledges in fiberglass pools are dreamy. Understandably, they’re a highly sought-after feature with fiberglass pool owners. Tanning ledges are ideal spots to relax after a long day and to perfect your summer glow. Practically an outdoor living room, you’ll spend hours there relaxing and entertaining your friends and family, so you want it to be comfortable, cozy and stylish. An amazing variety of furniture and accessory options exist based on your tanning ledge’s shape and size. In this post, we’ll show you some perfect tanning ledge furniture and accessory ideas for the whole swim season.


tanning ledge chaiseTanning Ledge Chaise: A chaise gives you a contoured, comfortable place to relax on your tanning ledge. Because it leans back a bit, it’s great for tanning and napping. While other options will allow you to sit up a bit more, chaises are ideal for ledges with up to 9” of water. The chaises pictured here come in a great variety of colors so you can customize them to best fit your pool area’s theme.



tanning ledge chair



Tanning Ledge Chair:  If you’d rather be able to sit up and enjoy the the view, you can get a tanning ledge seat in a more upright, high-back chair style. Whether you want to read your book club’s latest novel or keep a close eye on the kiddos, this chair will give you a comfortable, upright seating option while allowing you to soak up the sun. Chairs like this also work on tanning ledges up to 9” deep.



Tanning Ledge Chair or Chaise Headrest Pillow: No tanning ledge chaise lounge or chair is complete without a place to rest your head. These headrest pillows are the perfect complement to a tanning ledge chair or chaise. They are made with marine grade fabric, so they’re fade-resistant and mold-free. Most tanning ledge chair or chaise headrest pillows come with cool features like a handy side pocket for your phone. They’re available in an awesome array of colors and you can even have them monogrammed!


tanning ledge shade

Tanning Ledge Chaise Shade: Use this shade to keep the sun out of your eyes, or better yet, use it as your own personal media center. It’s viewing window is touch screen compatible and fits devices up to 11” so you can watch a movie, read, shop or do whatever you do on your device with wireless internet.




tanning ledge daybed


Tanning Ledge Round Daybed: For next-level luxury and relaxation, check out a circular daybed for your tanning ledge. The whole family can take naps, play a game, or just spend some quality time. These daybeds come with an umbrella sleeve and boast loads of options for cushion colors and patterns. They’re six feet in diameter, so you’ll need a good-sized tanning ledge to accommodate a daybed. They’ll work well with fiberglass pools with large tanning shelves such as the Aspen and Lil Bob LX.


tanning ledge table


Tanning Ledge Tables:  While you’re relaxing in the water on your tanning ledge, you’ll need a spot to set down your beverages, book, shades and tanning lotion. There are great table options in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some even come with umbrella sleeves and a built-in cooler to keep your poolside beverages chilled!



tanning ledge umbrella Tanning Ledge Umbrellas: Even with the water on your tanning ledge keeping you cool, you might want an umbrella to shade a wider area. Tanning ledge umbrellas come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and you can even choose the pole finish that best matches the theme of your backyard paradise!



Thursday Pools offers many options for fiberglass pool designs with built-in tanning ledges, including: Aspen, Cathedral LX, Wellspring, Lil Bob LX and Sun Day, along with our two new beach entry designs— Grace and Sandal (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839).

beach entry tanning ledge

Whether you’re installing a new fiberglass pool of your dreams or just looking to add some comfort and style to your existing fiberglass pool’s awesome tanning ledge, there are so many great options to create an outdoor living space that will lend to a lifetime of memories and fun…options that will make you never want to leave your ledge!