Trending Small Fiberglass Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Do you have a small backyard? It’s not a bad thing. While your neighbors are toiling away mowing their sprawling expanses of green, you’ve finished in a snap and are ready to relax with a cold beverage. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy that cold beverage lounging next to (or floating in!) a refreshing, low-maintenance, inground pool? Your small yard doesn’t mean you can’t create a fabulous, intimate backyard getaway with a small pool. There are undoubtedly small fiberglass pool designs to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Small fiberglass pools can make a significant impact on your social life and quality family time, and overall fitness and well-being. And if in your quest for a smaller pool you find yourself asking, “is a fiberglass pool worth the money?” we’d like to assure you that there are resources out there to help you make that determination. Stay tuned until the end for small fiberglass pools F.A.Q. to get more information. 

If you know fiberglass is the way for you, check out these four fabulous small fiberglass pool designs from Thursday Pools that can turn your small backyard into a fun zone for the entire swim season. Meet Sea Turtle, Lil Bob, Titus, and Aspen!

Sea Turtle

small fiberglass poolSmall Fiberglass Pool

Every bit of this small fiberglass pool packs a punch with its open swim area and flat-bottom 4’6″ depth. If you’re looking to get more exercise in the new year, Sea Turtle can be outfitted to accommodate a Badu Swim Jet System, which will turn your pool into a water treadmill. A wrap-around bench on either side of the steps increases your area to chat, relax, and unwind. And if you want a spa-like experience after exercising and socializing, this versatile pool design can also be outfitted with therapy jets.

Take a closer look at the Sea Turtle’s features.

Or, dive into this 360 view!

Key Features

Sea Turtle has an overall size of 9.5’ x 19.5’.

  • Elongated benches can be outfitted with spa jets for the ultimate relaxation experience.
  • A flat-bottom 4’6″ depth is ideal for socializing. Most adults can walk the entire pool without treading water.
  • Non-skid surface on the floor, benches, and steps means safety and comfort for swimmers of all ages.
  • Ideal design for swim jet systems like Badu.
  • Auto-cover ready for ease of maintenance and peace of mind.

Lil Bob

small fiberglass poolsmall fiberglass pool

Known as the perfect small pool, Lil Bob is one of Thursday Pools’ top-selling fiberglass pool designs. This fiberglass pool is small in size but big in stature with all the most loved features of Sea Turtle, upsized! 

Take a closer look at the Lil Bob’s features.

Or, dive into this 360 view!

Key Features

Lil Bob has an overall size of 13.5’ x 27.5’.

  • Wrap-around, elongated benches create a wonderful conversation area for friends and family.
  • The flat-bottom 4’6″ depth makes it ideal for entertaining and water fun.
  • Elegant, full-length entry steps make entering and exiting the pool easy.
  • Non-skid surface on the floor, benches, and steps means safety and comfort for swimmers of all ages.
  • Auto-cover ready for ease of maintenance and peace of mind.



small fiberglass poolsmall fiberglass pool

With a classic “Figure 8” shape, Titus adds a simple silhouette to any small yard. This small fiberglass pool goes a little deeper than most other small pools, plunging to a 5’5” depth. You’ll find yourself spending countless hours soaking on the deep-end bench, feeling the stress of the day melt away.

Take a closer look at Titus’ features.

Or, dive into this 360 view!

Key Features

Titus has an overall size of 12’x 26’.

  • A roomy deep-end bench is a perfect spot to sip your favorite summertime refreshment.
  • Non-skid surface on the floor, benches, and steps means safety and comfort for swimmers of all ages.
  • Wide entry steps with seats give you easy in and out, plus a great place to sit and chill.


*Note: This Aspen pictured above is in our 16’’ x 40’ size.

Looking for a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge? Look no further than Aspen. Coming in 5 different sizes, the smallest being 12’ x 25’ with a 5’1” depth, Aspen can make itself at home in almost any yard. This design includes many desired pool features, so the whole family can find a place to have fun.

Take a closer look at Aspen’s features.

Or, jump into this 360 view!


Key Features: 

Aspen comes in 5 sizes, ranging from 12’ x 25’ to 16’ x 40’.

  • Tanning ledge, which is perfect for ledge loungers. 
  • Non-skid surface on the floor, stairs, benches, and tanning ledge is easy on your feet and swimsuit. 
  • An extended bench gives you a place to relax, unwind and socialize. 
  • Dual swim outs and benches provide comfort and convenience in the deep end of the pool.
  • The courtesy ledge around the deep end gives you a place to stand and rest. 
  • A wide-open swim area makes exercising in your new pool easy and fun. 
  • Auto-cover ready to help you keep your new pool safe and clean.


Small Fiberglass Pool F.A.Q.

Q: What Sizes Do Fiberglass Pools Come In?

A: Fiberglass pools come in a variety of sizes! Our smallest designs come in at 9.5’ x 19.5’ (Sea Turtle) and 15’ x 25’ (Pearl). Our largest measures in at 16’ x 41’ (Goliath). Fiberglass pools tend to not get much larger than a 16’ x 40’-41’ size due to shipping limitations. There are other fiberglass options beyond a traditional pool if you’re looking for something smaller, such as a Wet Deck or a Wading Pool.

Q: Can Fiberglass Pools Be Any Shape?

A: Fiberglass pools are not able to be customized for shape or size. A fiberglass pool shell’s shape and size are determined by the fiberglass pool manufacturers designing them and are produced from a mold.

Q: How Much Will a Small Fiberglass Pool Cost Me?

A: Pricing can vary depending on many factors, including your geographic location, what features and accessories you decide to add on, if there are any permits required in your area and more. Your local fiberglass pool dealer can give you more accurate estimates for where you live. You can also try our inground fiberglass pool cost calculator for a ballpark estimate of your project. 

No matter which Thursday Pools small pool design you choose, your tiny patch of grass will be converted into the perfect staycation spot for years of memorable moments. Need some more backyard inspiration? Check out Small Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget to find just that!!

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