Swimming for Summer Weight Loss

swimming for weight loss

Get in Shape with a Thursday Pool: Swimming for Weight Loss

While running and biking can be great ways to lose pounds, the summer weather provides obstacles, often in the form of intense heat, that can be too strenuous (and dangerous) if you’re not properly equipped, stretched and hydrated. Swimming exercises are an excellent alternative to stay cool and shave off the pounds. In this post, we’ll discuss swimming for weight loss in your own fiberglass pool.

With a fiberglass pool, you can exercise in the comfort and convenience of your own private, personally customized space and control aspects of your workout that a facility doesn’t allow. For example, you are able to decide when you want to workout, for how long, how intense, and with how many breaks. Plus, it’s much easier to stay hydrated when you can simply retrieve a tall glass of water whenever you want.

Swimming for weight loss and exercising in a (Thursday Pools) fiberglass pool can be safer because the fiberglass coating is smooth (yet non-slip). While stretching or jogging in the pool, you don’t have to worry about the rough bottom (as in a gunite pool) irritating your feet. Whereas running and biking have the potential of injury from falling or pulling something, swimming is a very joint friendly workout.

Water exercises can be beneficial for people of all ages to lose weight at their own pace. With exercises as simple as stretching, you can help warm up your muscles and lose calories in the process. At a moderate pace of freestyle swimming, you can expect to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.

One of the most common myths of swimming is that it is not effective because you cannot see the sweat, but in all actuality, swimming is a great choice to build muscle endurance and cardio—perfect for losing weight.

The speed of weight loss also depends on how experienced of a swimmer you are. A person who has a less fluid motion and has to concentrate to keep the technique together is more likely to lose weight faster than an experienced swimmer. Learning how to do different swim strokes can help you lose weight because being inexperienced in the technique makes your body work harder to perform the motion.

Drafting a plan to lose weight continuously gets more challenging as you become more experienced in the water and your cardio improves. Don’t give up! To stay motivated, create a buddy system with a neighbor and/or friend who is also trying to lose weight so that you have support and accountability.
Or why not make it a family activity? As for your swimming techniques, shorten your breaks, change strokes more frequently and increase the intensity (time per lap) to keep up the weight loss over time.

Start swimming in your fiberglass pool today! It’s the cool way lose weight.