This is the Year You DO It!

get a fiberglass pool
The new year is here. We’ve all got plans for how we’re going to make 2018 our best year yet. Does your plan for the new year include a big new purchase, like an outdoor playground or fiberglass swimming pool?

You can make 2018 the year that you actually DO these things instead of just dreaming about them. The difference lies in your approach.

One way to achieve your goals is to write them down, and break them into manageable chunks. Post them where you can look at them daily, and get your whole family on board.

If you’re thinking of getting a fiberglass pool this year, post a picture of the pool you’ve chosen on your refrigerator and refer back to it every time you’re thinking of making an unessential purchase. Keep your eyes on the prize! If you’re not sure which pool might be the best fit for your family, check out this handy pool selector tool.

Productivity gurus also like to talk about the SMART principle. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-bound. It’s a tried and true way to define your goals and finally achieve them.

If, for example, your goal is to save the money for a down payment on a new fiberglass pool, and you decide to set aside $100 per week, your budget might look like this:

Eating at home one night per week instead of going out= a savings of $75.00 per week

Giving up that daily latte: $5.00x 5= a savings of $25.00 per week

Using these criteria to quantify and delineate your action plan to work toward your goal can make all the difference in whether you’re swimming in your beautiful, new fiberglass pool in your outdoor paradise by the time the summer heat kicks in or sitting on the patio with a popsicle in front of a fan.

This is the year you DO it!

Wondering how much a new fiberglass pool might cost? Check out this article.