Thursday Pools Continues Investment Into Quality Molds

Coming from the boating industry, we learned a thing or two about perfecting the fit and finish of fiberglass parts.  In order to make the boat deck and hull fit together perfectly we had to have quality molds as strong and rigid as steel, so that is what we used to make our molds.  Thursday Pools adopted this and applied it to our pool molds.

Thursday Pools constructs fiberglass swimming pool molds using all steel substructure.  Our larger molds, such as the Goliath 1641, have 4000 pounds of steel for the substructure.  Steel versus wood makes our molds rigid, strong and dimensionally stable.  Temperature and humidity can cause dimensional instability with wood substructure molds.  This is the reason why Thursday Pools invested the extra money to make the very best quality molds in the industry.  This translates into straight, level and dimensionally precise pools.  Why is this important?  It provides you a pool that can be installed quickly, easily and when it is installed…the pool will look level, straight and fit perfectly with an automatic pool cover and your preferred decking.

Thursday Pools LLC designs and manufactures one-piece fiberglass swimming pools and spas.  We are located in Fortville Indiana.  To contact us please call 877-929-7665 or  Remember at Thursday Pools, your weekend starts early with us…