Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool

Another groundbreaking innovation from the fiberglass pool industry’s leader!

Fortville, IN, March 13, 2018– Indiana fiberglass pool manufacturer, Thursday Pools, a leader in innovation and design in the fiberglass pool industry, has designed a beach entry fiberglass pool. This innovation is utility and design patent-pending.

Beach entry fiberglass pools have recently gained popularity at resorts and upscale hotels and have become a sought-after feature in custom, residential gunite in-ground pools. Prior to this invention, it was impossible for fiberglass pool manufacturers to integrate a beach entry into their designs. Now, dealers and consumers alike can enjoy a vacation-like paradise with a beach entry fiberglass pool in their own backyards as early as January, 2019. Available beach entry models will be released in June, 2018.

“This is something we’ve been working on for a few years now,” said COO Ed Vondell.  “Fiberglass pool owners have been asking for this feature, and we’re excited to be the first and only manufacturer to offer this amazing option. Fiberglass pool owners will soon be able to enjoy the luxury of a day at the beach right in their own backyards.”

Benefits of the beach entry design include:

  • A gently sloping, non-skid pool entry that eliminates the need for stairs, allowing for easy entrance and exit.
  • A shallow spot for small children to play and for sunbathers to sit and enjoy both the sun’s rays and the cooling water.
  • The luxury feel of a high-end resort in the privacy of your own backyard.

Other Thursday Pools fiberglass industry innovations include:

All Thursday Pools fiberglass pools are built to meet strict ISO 9001 standards for quality of construction and materials as well as ISO 14001 standards for environmentmental stewardship. Their pools are backed by two industry-leading warranties and are crafted with true passion and teamwork.

Thursday Pools manufactures one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pools at its facility in Fortville, Indiana. Dedicated to bringing cutting-edge innovations to the pool world, Thursday Pools designs and handcrafts fiberglass pools to the highest standards.

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