Fiberglass Pools to The Rescue Post – COVID – Thursday Pools seen in PoolPro Magazine

Homeowners have been stuck indoors and are looking to do more in their yards — especially this summer, which will likely be the ultimate staycation.  As pool professionals start receiving calls asking how quickly consumers can get a swimming pool installed, both builders and service professionals are looking at (Thursday Pools) fiberglass pools to help ensure they maximize the number of pools they can install in this shortened season.

“Unlike fiberglass pools of the past, today’s pools not only have the multiple shapes, sizes and features homeowners want but also have improved construction features that give builders an easy-to-install pool for maximum profit,” says Ed Vondell, COO of Thursday Pools, a manufacturer of fiberglass pools in Indiana. “We have worked hard to add patented features specifically to ensure pool professionals are able to install our pools quickly and without error.”

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