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Should I Buy A Cover For My Pool?

Pool covers are common in areas where pools have an “off-season” or when they close during the winter months. If you expect to winterize your pool for some time, we recommended that you buy a pool cover. Keeping your pool covered during winter months will protect your pool and make getting your pool ready for […]

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Style Your Backyard!

You’re spending most of your time dreaming about opening up your swimming pool this summer, aren’t you? We know you are ready to open your pool for the season. But is your space and environment surrounding your swimming pool ready? Your backyard style can make a big difference in your backyard pool parties. Now is […]

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Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

The warm air has finally arrived, and you are itching to celebrate.  There is no better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than to enjoy a relaxing day poolside with those whose company you enjoy most. Here are some tips on how to get your pool summer ready.  Remove the cover. Before you can begin, you […]

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Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

Summer is almost here, and pretty soon your children will be spending their time in the pool all day long. Now is the time to go over what you need to do to make sure your kids stay safe around the swimming pool this summer. Going over the pool safety rules of the swimming pool […]

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Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine Water Pool

Choosing how to sanitize your inground swimming pool can be confusing when you are comparing a salt water pool vs. chlorine water pool. Overall salt water pools and traditional chlorine pools are very similar. The differences lie in the method of adding chlorine to the pool. Salt systems use the dissolved salt in the pool […]

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How to Make Your Swimming Pool Pet-Friendly

Everyone in your family loves your swimming pool, but don’t forget about your pets too! Pets enjoy the water as much as people do. Keep your pets in mind and think about making your swimming pool pet-friendly. There are simple things you should consider when you are looking to make sure your pool is pet-friendly. […]

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