Where did you get the name Thursday Pools?

It seems like we are always getting asked, how did we get the name Thursday Pools? Well, before the company was incorporated, a marketing team was formed to brainstorm names for the new fiberglass swimming pool company. Marketing experts searched the web and Secretary of State for fiberglass pool company names and posted them on a wall. We needed to find a name that still had a domain available and as you would expect, almost everything pool, swimming or water related had the .com domain taken. We didn’t want to use a .net domain so Marketing 101 lessons kicked in.

As marketing experts learned in school, a company name needs a few key criteria to really stick. As the brainstorming session went on, a marketing expert who did work for Simon Malls, thought of a name out of the box, but one that created some spirited debate. She said select something very different that everyone will remember and question. She said everyone can remember a day of the week and I think I have a good tag line for the name. Without hesitation she stood up and said, “we all know everyone says TGIF when the weekend is here, what about starting early?” “I think we can use the word Thursday and have our weekend start early for everyone.” “A swimming pool is a luxury item that people can envision in their backyard with friends and family gathered around.” Now how about them envisioning themselves around the pool after work on a Thursday?”

The Team Leader quickly shot down the name and asked them for more ideas. The first brainstorming session ended without a name but something big came out of the meeting. Everyone on the team had the name Thursday stuck in their minds. When they came back together every team member mentioned when Thursday came and went the week before, they thought about the brainstorming session and the thought of sitting around a swimming pool. At that very moment when the team said that, the light bulb turned on for everyone. The originator of the name said the Thursday Pools name met the criteria of a great name.

1. Easy to remember – day of the week
2. Unusual and will make people ask how did you come up with the name
3. Trademark and web domain not taken
4. Tag line makes people feel good and creates an image in their mind of the product

If you just read this article it is proof that we chose the right name. Thanks for your time and like us on Facebook!

Thursday Pools, your weekend starts early with us…

Thursday Pools designs and manufactures one-piece fiberglass pools and is located in Fortville, Indiana. You can contact us at www.thursdaypools.com.