The Fiberglass Pool Industry’s Top Tanning Ledge Pool Designs

Tanning ledges (sometimes also called “splash pads” or “sun shelves”) are one of the most sought-after features in inground swimming pool designs today. Previously only available in custom concrete (gunite) pool construction, built-in tanning ledges are now readily available in one-piece, durable, low-maintenance fiberglass inground pools. Is a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge right for you? If you plan to use your pool for relaxation, and the ability to enjoy both the sun and the water simultaneously are important to you, a tanning ledge is an excellent choice.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available for fiberglass pool tanning ledges, take a look at this list of the Fiberglass Pool Industry’s Top Tanning Ledge Pool Designs. These choices are based on the tanning ledge shape and size as well as the aesthetics of the overall pool design. These tanning ledge and splash pad designs vary in size and depth, so consult with the manufacturer for design specifications and further details.

Top Rectangle Fiberglass Pool Designs with Tanning Ledges

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Aspen, by Thursday Pools

The Aspen is one of the fiberglass pool industry’s top-selling tanning ledge designs, and it’s auto-cover-ready. Pool owners love the aesthetics of the rectangular design and the curved shape of the tanning ledge. The generously sized tanning ledge easily accommodates two ledge loungers with ample room for swimmers to enter and exit the pool. Available in three sizes, the Aspen is a design that will fit in most any backyard. And while it doesn’t have a dedicated swim lane, the diagonal distance from the corner of the tanning ledge to the other end of the pool is only one fewer stroke than the pool’s length without a ledge.

D Series, by River Pools

The D Series comes in a whopping five size options, so there’s certain to be a design that fits your backyard. The D Series also offers a rectangular design with a curved ledge and can accommodate multiple ledge lounge chairs.

The Freedom with Splash Pad, by Imagine Pools

If your available pool space is fairly narrow, but you still want the luxury of a tanning ledge, The Freedom with Splash Pad by Imagine Pools might be an option for you. The splash pad is an optional add-on to The Freedom pool design.

Grace Beach Entry, by Thursday Pools

The Grace Beach Entry is one of two of the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool designs. Inspired by the popular design of Thursday Pools’ Aspen, the Grace Beach Entry takes tanning ledges to a whole new level by combining a tanning ledge with a gentle slope that leads down to the water.

Pinnacle, by Leisure Pools

The Pinnacle is a very modern, angular design that is available in three sizes and offers a large, rectangular splash pad that will accommodate swimmers, ledge loungers, and those who would like to just splash in a bit of cool water.

Outback Lounger, by Barrier Reef

The Outback Lounger by Barrier Reef comes in just one size. At just over 13’ wide, it’s also a good fit for a long, narrow space. While it doesn’t have quite as much ledge space as some of the other options listed here, it offers a nice, unobstructed swim area and loads of bench seating all around the edges.

Lil Bob LX, by Thursday Pools

The Lil Bob LX also comes in just one size and is a great fit for a long and narrow pool area. The Lil Bob LX incorporates the graceful curve of the Aspen and Grace Beach Entry, adding visual appeal while still maintaining maximum ledge lounging space.

Best Classic Shaped Fiberglass Pool Designs with Tanning Ledges

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Cathedral LX, by Thursday Pools

The Cathedral LX is a classic Roman shape that offers a unique, circular tanning ledge. The ledge is perfectly suited for two ledge loungers while steps on either side of it allows for easy entrance and exit from the pool.

Sundial, by San Juan Pools and Spas

The Sundial offers a smaller tanning ledge with a curved edge. It doesn’t offer a ton of space for furniture, but it gives a nice point of entry to the pool and features several benches for enjoying the water.

L 36, by River Pools

The L 36 is a huge pool with a wide-open swim area. The spacious tanning ledge can easily accommodate two ledge loungers, and the curved bench seat at the opposite end makes another great spot for sitting and enjoying the water.

Best Freeform Shaped Fiberglass Pool Designs with Tanning Ledges

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Sandal Beach Entry, by Thursday Pools

The Sandal Beach Entry comes in two sizes and is one of only two available fiberglass pool designs in the world with both a tanning ledge and a beach entry. The generous tanning ledge can easily fit four sun worshippers, along with kiddos and pets, while still allowing room to walk in and out of the pool along the gently sloping beach entry edge.

The Calypso, by Trilogy Pools

The Calypso is a big, beautiful freeform with lots of room to play. The curves of the tanning ledge mean that it’s not compatible with a lot of furniture, but it does lend itself to sitting in the shallow water and enjoying the view.

The Malibu, by Viking Pools

The Malibu is a modern freeform with lots of levels for enjoying various depths of the pool. The generous ledge can fit multiple ledge loungers, while the curving steps and wrap-around bench create loads of other spots to sit and relax.

Wellspring, by Thursday Pools

Like the Cathedral LX, the Wellspring also offers a unique, round tanning ledge. It’s available in two generous sizes. The ledge can fit two ledge loungers while the adjacent, outwardly curving steps allow for entrance and exit as well as more places to sit and enjoy the water.

What Will You Choose?

There are several tanning ledge options available in fiberglass pools today. If you choose a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge, make sure it’s properly installed to ensure good support of the ledge or choose a design that offers an integrated support system, such as the Backfill Eliminator technology.

If you’re ready to take the plunge with a new fiberglass pool with a built-in tanning ledge, get inspired and get an estimate today.

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