The Three Hottest Trends in Fiberglass Pools Today

You’re a trendsetter. You like that you know what’s hot, and what’s not. So you should take note of the fact that fiberglass pools are trending right now like never before! Pool owners love their fiberglass pools because they’re beautiful, low maintenance and durable, and they increase the value of their homes. Pool builders recommend fiberglass pools too.

Fiberglass pools have always been an awesome inground pool choice, but they’ve gotten even more amazing lately. What’s making pool buyers race to be the first in their neighborhoods to purchase? Get the down-low here on the three hottest trends in fiberglass pools today.

Fiberglass Pool Hot Trend Number One: Tanning Ledges

Fiberglass pools with built-in tanning ledges have been around for some time, but they just keep getting better (and more popular). Originally called sun shelves, they used to be smaller than they are today. Now, they’ve grown (literally) into a luxurious pool feature. A tanning ledge is a shallow lounging area at one end of the pool, typically about 12” deep, that can accommodate several ledge loungers with room for other swimmers to enter and exit the pool. They can even be customized with water features such as jets and bubblers to add to the ambiance.

Here are the top reasons why tanning ledges are a highly sought-after fiberglass pool feature:

  • They’re great for sun worshippers. Tanning ledges provide a perfect perch for you to unplug and unwind while you soak up the sun and indulge in “me time.”
  • They’re great for kids. Tanning ledges make an excellent landing pad for kids to splash and play as they grow accustomed to the water and learn the rules of pool safety.
  • They’re great for pets. Let’s not forget our furry friends who also like to cool off on a hot day! Pets, particularly puppies and older dogs, need a shallow spot to get in and out of the pool.

Where can I get a fiberglass pool with an amazing tanning ledge?

Tanning ledge styles, sizes and depths vary by fiberglass pool manufacturer. Size and depth matter. If you’re getting a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge, look for one with ample room. Thursday Pools offers some of the largest tanning ledges with the best tanning ledge designs in the industry. One of our most popular tanning ledge designs is the Aspen. With a spacious tanning ledge, attractive curved lines and full-width, walk-in steps, this design is incredibly popular and one-of-a-kind.

Fiberglass Pool Hot Trend Number Two: Beach Entry Fiberglass Pools

Beach entry fiberglass pools take everything pool owners love about tanning ledges and double down with even more space and versatility! Beach entry (also known as zero entry) fiberglass pools offer pool goers a way to gradually wade into the water, just like you can at the beach. Previously only available in custom gunite (concrete) pools, this resort-style feature kicks up the cool factor big time.

Here’s why pool owners love beach entry fiberglass pools:

  • They’re great for kids, pets and sun worshippers. Like tanning ledges, beach entry pools create an oasis for anyone who needs a shallow spot to lounge or ease into the pool.
  • They’re unique. Beach entry fiberglass pools just became available to order in 2019, so early adopters will be the first in their neighborhoods (or maybe even their city or state!) to have one. You can choose which beach style you want to recreate in your backyard. Choose the right landscaping, and you’ll have the ultimate beach experience to share with friends and family.
  • They’re a place to staycation. With the shore just outside your door, there’s no need to pack up and fly off to a beach vacation! Everything you need for a fun family staycation is just steps away. (Plus you won’t have to deal with sand in your swimsuit bottoms.)
  • They’re great for entertaining. With a beach entry pool, the options are limitless for creating amazing beach-themed parties your friends will talk about forever.

Where can I get a beach entry fiberglass pool?

There’s only one place. Thursday Pools is the creator of the world’s first and only beach entry fiberglass pool. There are two designs available. A fun and flirty freeform called Sandal and a stately rectangular design named Grace. Both create the lush feel of a day at the beach and will give you a backyard paradise you’ll love for years to come.

Fiberglass Pool Hot Trend Number Three: Sunken Living Room Fiberglass Pools

Have you ever seen that old TV show “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or, more recently, “MTV Cribs”? Yeah. That’s what we’re talking about here. A sunken living room is a dry area within a swimming pool that can be outfitted with crazy cool features. Sunken living rooms are the absolute hottest trend in high-end, custom gunite pools. Now, that trend is available in fiberglass pools.

What are my options with a sunken living room fiberglass pool?

  • Create an amazing in-pool experience. (Link to SLR ebook) Your sunken living room fiberglass pool can be outfitted with a swim-up bar, sitting area, dining area or fire pit. So, any outdoor experience you might have enjoyed NEXT to your pool can now be enjoyed INSIDE your pool.
  • Top if off. You can also top your sunken living room with a platform that can be used as a putting green, tanning deck or hotspot for yoga, meditation and other zen-like activities.
  • Get the best of both worlds. If you’d rather have an ultimate pool-in-pool experience, you can opt to put a spa in the sunken living room space.
  • Customize it. The sunken living room area can be customized with finishes that match the style and mood you want to create for your backyard oasis. You can even add a fridge and custom LED lighting!

Where can I get a sunken living room fiberglass pool?

Again, there’s only one place. Thursday Pools is the creator of the world’s first and only sunken living room fiberglass pools. And they’re so new, they’re not available to order yet. But you can check out this cool video to see what they’ll look like! if you want to be one of the first people in the world to have one, now’s the time to get on the waitlist.

Do it now, and get ahead of the trend, you trendsetter you!

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