Automatic Pool Safety Cover-Compatible Thursday Pools Designs

auto coverIf you’re a pool owner, safety is your top concern. Having an inground pool is a blast, but it’s also a big responsibility. Ensuring that all family members and guests know and respect the rules of pool safety is key, as well as making sure that no one can enter your pool without your supervision or consent. Sure, fences are great for making sure neighbor kids or pets can’t access the pool, but what about your own kids, or families visiting your home?

That’s where automatic pool covers come in.

Automatic pool safety covers operate electronically, either with a touch pad or key switch. They close your pool up tightly when it’s not in use, giving you total peace of mind that no one will enter your pool unless you want them to. And that’s not the only good thing about them. Automatic pool covers have other benefits as well. They save you pool maintenance time and money by reducing heat and water loss through evaporation.

What Does Auto Cover-Ready Mean?

An auto cover-ready pool design simply means that the pool’s shape lends itself to easily accommodate an automatic pool cover of any type. Inground pool designs that are rectangular in shape are all considered auto cover-ready because they provide more options and flexibility for housing an under-track or hidden automatic pool cover system, which makes for a more seamless, finished look.

Which Thursday Pools Designs are Auto Cover-Ready?

  • Aspen. Aspen is one of our best-selling fiberglass pool designs. Pool owners love it because it combines all the benefits of rectangular pool design, like a wide-open swim lane, with a big, beautiful, curved tanning ledge.
  • Goliath. Our Goliath pool design offers a wide-open swim lane and dual deep-end benches for multiple places to sit and relax.
  • Lil Bob. Lil Bob is built for fun, with a 4’6” uniform depth that makes it perfect for playing games or just standing and socializing in the pool.
  • Lil Bob LX. Lil Bob LX takes all the great features of the Lil Bob design and adds in a huge 12” deep tanning ledge and wrap-around benches for the ultimate combination of play and relaxation.
  • Sea Turtle. Our Sea Turtle fiberglass pool design is small enough to fit in most any backyard and also features a 4′ 6” depth. In addition to being auto cover-ready, it’s swim jet-ready, so you can easily convert your Sea Turtle into a swim spa!
  • Spirit. Spirit is another option for a uniform depth sport pool. With its wide-open swim area and luxurious, elongated benches, it offers a great combination of places to both play and relax.
  • Monolith. Monolith is our only Type I Diving Pool. The 15” warning slope lets swimmers know when they’re reaching the deep-end. Its courtesy ledge all around and dual corner benches with swim-outs provide plenty of resting places and easy in and out of the pool.
  • Grace Beach Entry. One of our newest fiberglass pool designs, Grace Beach Entry boasts a huge walk-in sun ledge that takes you from zero to 18” depth in approximately 14 feet. But if steps are easier for you, our hybrid beach entry design still allows room to step down into a nice-sized swim area (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839).

What if I Don’t Want a Rectangular Pool?

auto coverIf a rectangle fiberglass pool design isn’t it for you, that’s okay! Maybe you love the classic Roman shape, with long, straight sides and domed ends. If so, our Cathedral or Cathedral LX can both easily be fitted with an automatic pool cover.

If it’s freeforms or shaped pools you love, like the Wellspring, Pearl, Sandal Beach Entry, Sun Day or Titus, your pool builder can most likely find a way to make an automatic pool safety cover work with your pool. However, these pool designs typically require pool cover systems that run along the top of the pool deck, so you’ll need to take that factor into consideration.

Automatic Pool Covers are a Win-Win.

In addition to safety, automatic pool covers combined with fiberglass pools make a perfect pairing for pool owners who want the lowest possible inground pool maintenance. The durable, gel coat finish of a fiberglass pool paired with an automatic safety cover that lowers water loss and chemical use while keeping your pool clear of debris adds up to less work, less money and more fun.

And safety. They’re so much safer.

Did we mention safety?