5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Beach Entry Fiberglass Pools

beach entry fiberglass pool

Beach entry fiberglass pools are the epitome of many of the unique design trends taking the fiberglass pool world by storm (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). These hot fiberglass pool designs are both luxurious and versatile and are the perfect addition to almost any backyard. Having said that, there are some things you should be aware of before making the big purchase. In this post, we discuss the top five things you should know before you make that new addition to your backyard.

  1. Make sure it’s really a beach entry. Don’t be fooled or disappointed with market knockoffs. With everyone going nuts over all the latest fiberglass pool trends, folks have been clamoring to get a piece of the business. Thursday Pools beach entry pool models, Grace and Sandal, are the only true beach entry or zero entry fiberglass pools on the market and will be for some time (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). These designs have both a design patent and utility patent and cannot be reproduced in fiberglass. There are some fiberglass pool manufacturers claiming to have a beach entry design, but these designs begin with a step-down and are instead providing you with a tanning ledge or sloping tanning ledge. And while these designs have merit on their own, you don’t want to be misled. Many folks looking at beach entry or zero entry pool designs do so not only for the exquisiteness of the design but also for the ease of entry and accessibility. You may be disappointed if you are not expecting a step-down into the pool and, in the end, you have one. Be sure to review the fiberglass pool design closely and make sure you know what to expect. Setting clear expectations with your pool builder about how you want your finished pool to function is a must!
  2.  Swim space is limited.  Since they are built in a factory-controlled environment and then transported to the job site, fiberglass pool designs have size limitations because of transportation. To create a beach entry pool design, we need to create a long, gradual entry, which takes up part of the overall swim space. In our Sandal Beach Entry design, the beach entry extends approximately 14’ out into the pool area at its longest point. In our Grace Beach Entry design, the beach entry extends approximately 15.5’ out into the pool area at its longest point. The remaining portion of the pool designs are dedicated to swim space. So if plentiful swimming space is a priority for you, take into account the limits of a beach entry.
  3. Water run-off. A standard pool deck slopes away from the pool and descends typically ¼”  per foot. This allows for rainwater and run-off to fall away from the pool and not towards the pool which aids in keeping away dirt and debris that may have found its way onto the deck and into the pool water. Because of what a beach entry or zero entry pool is, the pool deck on the entry portion will slope into the pool. Consequently, that area of the pool deck will allow for rainwater and run-off to enter the pool. For most, this won’t pose any problem. If you plan to have a lot of trees or landscaping around your pool area where debris will regularly fall onto the pool deck, then it may be something you consider and discuss with your pool builder. In this situation, a properly installed deck drain could be a good solution.
  4. Backfill. Beach entry fiberglass pool models have an expansive and shallow lounging area that can be difficult for pool builders to pack and backfill properly. This difficulty is a problem for all fiberglass pool designs with large shallow lounging areas or tanning ledges. Ensuring your tanning ledge is properly backfilled and installed is important. The Backfill Eliminator is offered through Thursday Pools as a solution; however, it certainly isn’t the only one. We have a lot of pool builders who have their own method of backfilling these areas. Nonetheless, it is a topic that you will want to cover with your pool builder. Be sure to ask them about their technique.
  5. Not ADAAG compliant. Not all beach entry pools are ADAAG compliant, meaning that they do not comply with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. So, while they may provide easier access for folks with a disability, they do not meet all required ADA Accessibility Guidelines. For more information on those guidelines, visit Access-Board.gov.

There’s a pool design out there for everyone, and each one has its merits, but what’s most important is that you choose a pool that best fits your family or personal lifestyle.

About Thursday Pools

Thursday Pools is a one-piece, inground pool designer and manufacturer that develops durable and refined premium fiberglass pools. Our ISO 9001 certification ensures that our fiberglass pool shells are of the highest quality, and our ISO 14001 certification means that we are committed to environmental stewardship.

Thursday Pools is based out of Fortville Indiana. We aspire to be the world’s most respected fiberglass manufacturer while also helping our customers have the best possible backyard living experience. Our innovations, commitment to quality and outstanding designs set us apart. We have designed the sunken living room fiberglass pool available in 2020 along with the beach entry fiberglass pool, as seen in our Grace and Sandal designs (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839).