Is a Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool Right for You?

beach entry fiberglass pool

Do you love being on the cutting edge of new trends? When it comes to fiberglass pools, resort-like pool features such as tanning ledges, waterfalls, mood lighting, and more recently, beach entries (also known as zero entries) have enabled homeowners to bring all the joys of vacation, without the hassle of travel, to their own backyards.

Adding a beach entry fiberglass pool is just one more way to bring resort-style living to your backyard paradise. But as cool as they are, beach entries may not be for everyone. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a beach entry fiberglass pool. Then, you can decide for yourself if adding the beach entry feature to your new inground fiberglass pool is right for you and your family.

Awesome Things About Beach Entry Fiberglass Pools:

  • They’re Great for Growing Families. Having the flexibility to lounge in anywhere from two inches to three feet of water makes having a beach entry great for growing families. The more shallow areas are perfect for babies and toddlers to splash and play in while the deeper areas are great for those who want to dip in more than just their toes.
  • No More “Plunge and Pass.” There are no stairs or ladders in a beach entry pool. The gentle slope of a beach entry fiberglass pool makes it easier for everyone to access the pool. Imagine carrying or assisting your little one into the pool using stairs or a ladder. Many families take a “plunge and pass” approach in which one parent plunges into the water while the other parent passes the child from the sidelines to the parent in the pool. If you can picture it, it’s a pretty complicated process and usually takes a lot of coaxing. With a beach entry fiberglass pool, parent and child can both gradually enter the pool, hand in hand!
  • They’re Totally Pet Friendly. If your “fur babies” love to swim, a beach entry fiberglass pool is a great option for your family. Even if your pet is not a great swimmer, the beach entry allows it to wade in up to its own comfort level, and the gradual beach entry slope makes it easy to both enter and exit.
  • You Can Ease In. For some of us, a quick, bracing immersion into a swimming pool takes some courage. And for those who might have trouble with tricky knees or stiff joints, getting in and out of the pool with stairs or ladders can sometimes be a challenge. Whatever your reason might be for wanting a slow easy entry into the pool, with a beach entry, you can ease in at your own pace and adjust to the water temperature as you go. So whether you want to just dip your toes or wade in up to your knees, beach entries allow you control over what water depth you experience and when.
  • They’re Absolutely Luxurious. If you’re looking to create a resort-style, luxurious feel to your backyard oasis, a beach entry fiberglass pool may be the option for you. The long disappearing slope of a beach entry conjures up images of long lazy days at the beach with the whole family together, the water gently lapping at your ankles and the feeling that vacation will never end.

Other Factors to Consider:

  • They Take Some Space. Because the gradual grade of a beach entry does not exceed a 1:7 slope (which means one inch of depth equals seven inches of length), it takes quite a bit of space to achieve considerable pool depth. For example, a traditional beach entry would cover 28 feet to reach a four foot pool depth. Some beach entries can run the entire length of the pool. If your space is limited, you can use a hybrid approach by combining a traditional beach entry and transitioning to the main swim area with just a few steps.  
  • They’re Not Inexpensive. All of this awesomeness does come with a price. Beach entry pools are more expensive than standard pool entry options such as steps or ladders. However, until recently, beach entries have mostly been found in fully custom concrete (or gunite) pools and were not an option in fiberglass. Thanks to new innovations in fiberglass pools, a more affordable option than gunite is available for beach entry pools.

If you’ve considered the pros and cons and you think a beach entry fiberglass pool might make an amazing addition to your backyard, get more information about beach entry fiberglass pool features and get on the wait list to be the first in your neighborhood to own one!

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