Which Thursday Pools Pool Designs are Best for Tanning Ledges?

Fiberglass pools with tanning ledges are in high demand. And why wouldn’t they be? While soaking up the sun’s rays feels glorious, it can also get pretty hot. Being able to relax on a ledge lounger on a tanning ledge with just enough water to keep you cool is … well … just about as good as it gets.

Regardless of the size of your yard and which other features interest you if you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge with an inground fiberglass pool, make sure you choose one with a tanning ledge (especially if you have a furry family member who also loves to swim.)

Read on to learn more about our best fiberglass pool designs with a tanning ledge, and pick the one that’s right for you.  After that, the only decision you’ll have to make is who to share it with because everyone will be vying for a spot!



Aspen with tanning ledge

Aspen with tanning ledge Aspen Aspen

The Aspen design is our top-selling fiberglass pool design. The large, expansive tanning ledge gives you ample room to relax and play. Place a couple of loungers on this tanning ledge, and you’ll still have room for little ones to splash around. This rectangular design easily accommodates an automatic safety cover and boasts a wide-open swim area. The depth of this tanning ledge is 12”, which will give you a water depth of 6” to 8”.  Aspen is available in multiple sizes.

Check out the Aspen specs: 16’x 40’, 16’x 35’ and 14’x 35.


Cathedral LX

A recent addition to our tanning ledge design options, the Cathedral LX keeps the classic lines of our original Roman-end Cathedral pool design and adds a little luxury. This design includes a luxurious 9’ diameter tanning ledge area that easily accommodates a couple of ledge loungers. The depth of this tanning ledge is 12” which equates to a water depth of 6” to 8”.  The Cathedral LX has an open swim area and features a deep-end bench for those who want to sit and soak. This pool design is available in two different sizes.

Check out the Cathedral LX specs: 16’x 40 and
16’x 36’.




The unique free-form shape of the Wellspring features a circular tanning ledge with an 8’ diameter. This tanning ledge is set off by itself, leaving a wide-open swim area. It’s one of our smaller tanning ledges but can still accommodate a pair of ledge loungers. The depth of this tanning ledge is 12” so it will also give you a water depth on the ledge of 6” to 8”, depending on how full your pool is.  This design is available in two sizes.

Check out the Wellspring specs: 16’x 40’ and 16’x 36’.


Lil Bob LX



The Lil Bob LX was inspired by another top-selling design, our original Lil Bob. This design combined all the beloved features of the Lil Bob and added a unique tanning ledge to the design. The Lil Bob LX tanning ledge is split into multiple levels offering you different options of water depth. The top ledge is our traditional tanning ledge depth of 12” providing you with 6” to 8” of water to lounge in. The bottom ledge is at our wading pool depth of 18” providing 12” to 14” of water to enjoy. Even with the split levels, the top ledge can still snugly accommodate two loungers.

Check out the Lil Bob LX specs: 13.5’x 35.5’.  


Sun Day

If you are looking for maybe just a little less tanning area and a little more style, the Sun Day free-form design may be the perfect option. The Sun Day features a small tanning shelf that is 12” deep in the deep end of the pool. While the small tanning ledge cannot accommodate a lounger or chair, it’s a perfect spot for you to stretch out and relax. Another great feature of this pool design is the large splash pad at the pool’s entry. The splash pad is 8” deep which gives you 2”-4” of water and provides an ideal spot for your toddler to play. The Sun Day features multiple size options.

Check out the Sun Day specs: 16’x39’, 16’x34.5’or 15’x30’.



Our petite Pearl is a unique gem of a pool design. From the wrap-around bench to the spacious tanning ledge, this pool is all about relaxation. Pearl’s tanning ledge is 12” deep, giving you 6” to 8” of water depth. The 9’ x 9’ open tanning area gives you plenty of room for furniture and more. The tanning ledge is set apart from the entry stairs so the sun worshippers won’t be disturbed by other swimmers entering and exiting. Pearl is also perfect to outfit with spa jets to create a perfect little backyard getaway.

Check out the Pearl specs: 15’x 25’

Beach Entry Designs Take Tanning Ledges to the Next Level

If you love the idea of a tanning ledge because of the versatility it gives you in terms of enjoying the best of both worlds at the water’s edge, then you may find our NEW beach entry designs even more intriguing. We’re proud to have created the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pools.

Beach entry fiberglass pools give you the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, with the laid-back feel of a day at the beach without the drive to the beach (or the sandy swimsuits!)

We’d like to introduce you to the two newest members of our Thursday Pools family–our beach entry designs, Grace and Sandal (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839).

Grace follows the clean lines of our top-selling Aspen design. It’s rectangular in shape and offers the same wide-open swim areas that Aspen does. It also features dual, deep-end seats for deeper water lounging and a deep-end courtesy ledge.

Sandal is our free-from beach entry fiberglass pool design. It features the easy style and playful curves of our Sun Day design along with the sun shelf and deep-end courtesy ledge.

No matter which pool you choose, you’re guaranteed a lifetime of enjoyment and memories with your friends and family.