Exercise in Your New Swimming Pool

Are you still hanging on to the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon to exercise more? We have a great idea that will help you to continue your hard work into the summer and to kick your workout regimen up a notch. Adding a new swimming exercise pool to your backyard is an excellent way to keep our workouts interesting and, now this may sound crazy, but also more fun.

Exercising in your pool is an excellent workout for your whole body. The water offers both resistance and support, allowing you to get an intense workout without stressing out your joints. The perfect exercise pool is designed to keep the workout that appeals to you, whether that is swimming laps or water aerobics. The best part is that you can choose a pool design that fits your exercise needs and offers a perfect place to sit back and relax.

exercise poolIf you’re looking for a pool to swim laps up and down in, a pool that is at least 34 feet in length and has a depth of at least three and a half feet will accommodate those needs. Any pool of this size or larger will give you plenty of space to work on your backstroke and butterfly stroke. The Goliath and Monolith are both great options for anyone looking to swim laps in their backyard.

Swimming laps are not the only way you can get a good workout in with your swimming exercise pool. Water aerobics is also an excellent way to build cardio, strength and resistance while being easy on all your joints. Studies have shown that water-based exercises, like water aerobics, relieve pressure placed on joints from arthritis. Water aerobics is a popular option for those who have arthritis. Our Titus pool shell has the ideal depth that is perfect for water aerobics.

exercise poolYou can even add some exercise pool equipment to make your workout more efficient. Foam dumbbells can amplify the muscle-toning effect of moving around in the water. Aqua jogging belts are similar to barbells, and they use the power of buoyancy to intensify your workout. If you want to get fancy, an underwater treadmill is another piece of equipment that you can use to kick up your workout routine. Underwater treadmills are running treadmills that fully submerged under water so you can work on your endurance while feeling resistance from the water. Make sure you are looking for underwater treadmills that are designed for inground swimming pools.

A perfectly designed swimming exercise pool can help you achieve all your fitness goals. At Thursday Pools, we have uniquely designed pool shells that can meet every member of your family’s needs.