How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost in Utah?

Utah’s motto is “industry.” When survival was challenging the state’s pioneers, it took the industry to tame Utah’s wilderness. The times in Utah may not be as tough today, but industry can still yield great things – a backyard inground pool. So, how much does a fiberglass pool cost in Utah?   

First, it’s helpful to know the viability of a fiberglass pool and a few of the particulars of the region. Depending on where you’re located in the Beehive state, you may have a pool season that stretches five months or more. Just how long depends on your proximity to the mountains or the desert or the Great Salt Lake. The bottom line is, you can absolutely install an inground fiberglass pool in Utah.  

What is the best type of pool to get in Utah?

As you shop for a pool in Utah, you’ll probably discover there are different types of pools. You probably knew this, but if you’re not shopping, it’s likely something you hadn’t given much thought. We think it’s useful to compare the options and consider the factors that make a fiberglass pool a great value versus gunite(concrete) and vinyl pools. Here are just a few great features of fiberglass pools:

  • Maintenance. Fiberglass pools are easy to own and maintain. The sandstone-based soil of much of Utah can shrink and swell with varying conditions. An inground fiberglass pool, equipped with the Geo-Anchoring system, can deal with that variability.
  • Toughness. Fiberglass pools degrade less than gunite and vinyl. The smooth gel coat surface that is easy on swimsuits and tender feet is also tough enough to tolerate the claws of a dog-paddling black Lab.
  • Designed. Fiberglass pools design features built-in! These can include tanning ledges, wrap-around benches, and even beach entries—all usually built around a wide-open swimming space!

How much does it cost to put in a pool in Utah? 

If Utahans are indeed industrious, the features within the value proposition of a fiberglass pool are appealing. So what about the bottom line cost? It will depend on your neighborhood, topography and a host of other factors, but we can estimate based on our broad experience in western and mountain states that an inground fiberglass pool would come in at between $1,600-$1,800 per linear foot. If that doesn’t give you a clear enough picture, check out the following Thursday Pools designs and their average cost to install.



The Goliath serves up extra space if you’ve got a big family (or lots of neighbors and friends visiting). Add a slide. Or a basketball goal. It’s an excellent pool for game time and creates a fun backyard atmosphere. The smallest size is 33.6 feet long by 16 feet wide. At an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation might run around $50,400.





Lil Bob

Our Lil Bob fiberglass pool design might be just the ticket if space is limited and your family is very active. The Lil Bob is 27.5 feet long by 13.5 feet wide. At an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation would be $41,250.







The Cathedral is a timeless classic with stylish curves. It’s a great combination of wide-open swim space and gracious seating areas. The Cathedral comes in at 14 feet wide by 33.5 feet long. Applying our formula of an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation would be $50,250.





Are there any hidden costs in pool installation? 

As we always stress, every installation is different. Utah state law requires a barrier fence that’s at least six feet tall with no openings greater than four inches. A fence may be something you want anyway, but the example illustrates the point that variability exists. Seven examples of potential hidden costs, detailed more thoroughly in this blog, include:

  1. Site Preparation – roots, rocks/stones, irrigation systems, and utilities are just a few of the considerations. 
  2. Access – pool installers have trucks, earthmovers, and cranes, and they need access to your backyard.
  3. Permits – municipalities have different permitting and construction site requirements. It’s important to know yours. 
  4. Fencing – as we mentioned above, fencing and pool safety covers may be a nice-to-have, or they may be a must-have, per state ordinance. 
  5. Restoration – pool installation is a big construction project, and sometimes that means significant clean-up and restoration. 
  6. Electrical – is your backyard wired? Is your pool installer estimating and doing the work themselves or through a subcontractor? 
  7. Dirt Hauling – to drop that backyard pool in there, you might be removing the equivalent of a one or two-car garage volume of dirt! 

This is a good list to keep handy. Always keep an open line of communication with your dealer so you both are clear on the scope of your installation and the final cost. One thing to note: some work, like restoration or fencing, could be performed as a separate project with its own financing. Creativity in putting together a cost plan can get your pool plan together more quickly with less immediate strain on the pocketbook. 

Can you have a pool in Utah?

As you can see, Thursday Pools has pool designs to fit a wide range of Utahn budgets. And we’ve got the know-how to work with you and your dealer to find the pool that fits your budget, your yard size, and your family’s personality.


Are you ready to soak in the sun in your new Thursday Pool? You can get a free estimate by answering just a few questions, or contacting your local Thursday Pools dealer for more information. 


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