The Gonzalez Family Gets a Goliath

goliath fiberglass pool designMeet the Gonzalez family*: The Gonzalez family lives in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio called Loveland. Alonzo and his wife Maria own a large home in a beautiful subdivision where they raised five kids. They now have ten grandkids who are the light of their lives. While everyone leads busy lives, Maria still cooks family dinner every Sunday night, and everyone who lives anywhere nearby sets time aside for it as best they can. There’s always something to celebrate, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or a great report card. Nothing is more important than spending quality family time together.

The Gonzalez family has decided to get a pool. As the grandkids get older, they’re always looking for something fun to do at Nana and Papa’s house. Maria and Alonzo have a huge yard, and the kids love to run around and play football and tag, but the kids have been hinting at how much they love to swim and how they wish there was a pool they could all enjoy. Maria and Alonzo know that a nice inground pool will keep the kids looking forward to visiting and bringing their friends as they get older.

Here are some factors they’re considering:

  • They want a BIG pool. If they’re getting a pool, they want it to have plenty of room for everyone to be able to get some exercise and play games.
  • They want a pool that’s easy to get in and out of. Their youngest grandchild is two years old and Maria’s mom, who lives nearby, will be using the pool as well. They want a pool with steps that make it easy for their youngest and oldest swimmers (and everyone in between) to enter and exit the pool.
  • They want a pool that’s great for socializing. The Gonzalez household has always been the go-to house for neighborhood parties. Having a pool will make those parties even better. Maria and Alonzo want a pool with lots of spots to sit and visit so their older neighbors have a place to relax when they come by.
  • They want a pool that will be low-maintenance. Maria and Alonzo are busy. They don’t want to spend tons of time on pool maintenance. They want a pool that’s easy to take care of and keep clean so they can spend the maximum amount of time enjoying the pool with their kids and grandkids.
  • They want a pool that will be safe for their whole family. Their yard is fenced in, so they don’t have to worry about neighbor kids getting in the pool unattended. But they don’t want to worry about the kids in their house wandering out to the yard and getting in the pool alone.

The Gonzalez family chose the the Goliath by Thursday Pools.

Here’s why:

  • The Goliath is huge. The Goliath by Thursday Pools comes in three sizes—big, bigger and massive! They chose the largest option, the 16’ x 41’. It has a maximum depth of 6’8” so the deep-end is great for the grown-ups while the shallow-end, at just under 4’ in depth, is a good spot for the younger swimmers to practice their swimming skills near the steps.
  • Wide, non-skid steps. The Goliath offers wide, curving dual corner entry steps that are adjacent to the built-in benches. This makes the Goliath super easy for swimmers of all ages to ease into the pool. Plus, the gel coat finish gives their new inground fiberglass pool a really nice non-skid surface that’s easy on swimsuits and little feet.
  • Ample seating and a courtesy ledge. In addition to the built-in benches by the steps, the Goliath also offers dual, deep-end benches with swim-outs and a courtesy ledge all around the deep-end for plenty of space to socialize and relax.
  • Low-maintenance fiberglass. Maria and Alonzo wanted a fiberglass pool because they like the way fiberglass pools are made. They’re lower maintenance than vinyl and gunite. They never need liner replacements or resurfacing, and they require fewer chemicals to maintain water balance, which means more time to play with the grandkids!
  • Automatic pool safety cover-ready. The Goliath by Thursday Pools is built to be automatic pool safety cover-ready. Automatic pool safety covers offer the ultimate peace of mind for inground pool owners because they keep the pool closed up tight when it’s not in use and require a code to open. The Gonzalez’ love the fact that they’ll never have to worry that their young swimmers could wander into the pool unattended.

The Gonzalez family has their Happily Ever After:

Now, the Gonzalez family has a new Sunday tradition. Sure, they still enjoy one of Maria’s wonderful meals, but they all enjoy a Sunday swim as well. The kids come up with new games to play in the pool all the time, and they’ve made new friends with the neighbor kids too. Nana and Papa’s house is their favorite destination!

The Gonzalez family found their perfect pool, and you can find your dream inground fiberglass pool too! If you’re ready to take the plunge with a new inground fiberglass pool, get an estimate today.

Get a closer look at the Goliath pool design.

Take a 360 tour of the Goliath pool design!

*Based on the personalities, demographics and fun-loving spirit of our Thursday Pools customers, we’ve created some fictional families and paired them with their perfect pools!