The Goliath Fiberglass Pool Design

Your family just called, and you’ve been summoned. For what, you wonder? Other than working harder than usual and needing a vacation, nothing major has happened that would require you to immediately return home. But, wait. There is something, and it’s big – as in gigantic, and it’s guaranteed to make everyone happy. Best of all, it’s calling your name.

So you leave work and head home where you’re immediately greeted by your kids who have finally convinced you that it’s time to invest in a fiberglass pool, and the Goliath from Thursday Pools is what they’ve been seeking. Just as you’re being whisked away in thoughts of your own backyard paradise, questions start swirling inside your head.  Why this fiberglass pool over another? How much does it cost and how long will it take for installation? What are the benefits of this pool?

As your mind wanders and your heart races, you suddenly stop and say something to the effect of, “Now, kids. I want this as much as you do, but before we jump in too deep, we need to learn a little more.”

Although feeling defeated, they reluctantly agree.

Because we realize that there’s a delicate balance between pleasing your family and knowing you’ve made the right decision, we offer this blog post about the Goliath in hopes that it reassures you and the decision you’re making to invest in one of our most popular pools.

What is the Goliath?

The Thursday Pools’ Goliath series are large rectangular, fiberglass pool shells with one gradual expanse. Sizes will vary by length, but with three different options to choose from, there’s sure to be a size perfect for your backyard.

Why this pool over another?

Thursday Pools offers many sizes and types of fiberglass pools, but if size is important, you won’t regret investing in the Goliath. This open design provides plenty of swim area, a center swim lane and corner benches for lounging.  Add in that every Thursday Pool is designed with master craftsmanship and you can feel good about the investment. What’s more, by promoting efficient use of raw materials, all Thursday Pools will leave a small environmental footprint.

How much does a 16’ x 41’ Fiberglass Pool cost?

Although it’s difficult to provide an exact timeline and quote without seeing the installation site and factoring in specific equipment and accessories, it’s a good idea to consider the fiberglass pool length, and to figure that every foot will cost approximately $1,000 to $1,500. For instance, the Goliath fiberglass pool shell design of 16’ x 41’ will range from $41,000 to $61,500 for a basic installation package. Maintenance costs will also vary, but it’s important to know that upkeep and chemicals for a fiberglass pool are far less than the cost of maintaining and owning a concrete or vinyl pool. In the end, if saving money is important, a fiberglass pool is the right decision.

What are the Goliath features and benefits?

Beyond its size, craftsmanship and eco-friendliness, the Thursday Pools Goliath fiberglass pool shell is made with the most advanced technologies in the business using our Composite Sandwich of Awesomeness. It features dual corner entry steps that accommodate most backyard designs. The elongated benches make for a great adult gathering spot without taking up too much swim space. The design easily accommodates an Automatic Safety Cover. The open center lane allows for the recreational swimmer to swim laps. The deep end swim outs and bench seats provide an alternate entry and exit point which is perfect for younger children and our furry family members.

Sandwich_Diagram_CallOuts-248028-1024x490The Thursday Pools Goliath fiberglass pool is a true mark of beauty, and with its added functionality, it will provide you and your family with many years of fun and happiness in your own backyard paradise. For more information about the Goliath fiberglass pool, or to learn more about Thursday Pools, find a local dealer today.