Fiberglass Pools: What’s Trending and Why It May Be the Pool You Need

Homeowners like you are looking for ways to turn their backyard into a great place to get away. Now more than ever, a fiberglass pool is the perfect investment in an escape that will pay dividends year in and year out. Pool owners love them because they’re beautiful, come with an array of fun, convenient, and comforting features, and–aside from being a staycation location that you can come back to time and again–they may increase the value of your home. Pool builders recommend fiberglass inground pools for their versatility, durability, and lower pool maintenance requirements and cost. As innovations in fiberglass pool designs come out and staycations become more popular for families across the country, pool buyers choose the luxury and elegance of inground fiberglass pools. Knowing these things, you may be wondering, “are fiberglass pools becoming more popular?” Yes! Let’s take a deeper look at why so many homeowners are choosing fiberglass for their outdoor living space.

They’re Lower Maintenance.

Many pool buyers ask, “are fiberglass pools low maintenance?” Fiberglass pools, compared to other inground pool types, have the lowest maintenance threshold due to their non-porous surface. Fiberglass pools’ gelcoat finish prevents algae buildup, resulting in fewer chemicals needed—fiberglass pool maintenance averages about 1 hour per week with periodic water testing and balancing.

They Can Last a Long Time.

Another question we often see is, “How long will a fiberglass pool last?” A pool is often as good as its maintenance. How you take care of your pool plays a significant role in how it will look five, 10, or even 50 years from now. Fiberglass pools can last quite a long time, especially with innovations like the Geo-Anchoring Pool System that anchors your pool to the earth and adds to the pool’s durability once installed.

They Are The Quickest Inground Pool Type To Install.

“How long does a fiberglass pool take to install?” On average, fiberglass installation takes as little as three weeks in typical circumstances. Since the pool comes as a pre-made, one-piece shell, much of the construction work is removed compared to other pool types built from scratch on-site.

Now that you know the why of fiberglass, here are the top fiberglass pool trends today:

The Backyard Beach.

Some of the best family memories happen at the beach! But unless you’re fortunate enough to live near one, those visits are few and far between. That’s why beach lovers around the country are choosing to add a beach entry fiberglass pool to their backyard escape. Once only available in concrete pools, the beach entry is now available for your inground fiberglass pool (Patent US 10,472,839). Enjoy the luxurious feel of a day at the beach in the privacy and convenience of your backyard.


Tanning Ledges. 

Tanning ledges have been around for a while, and they keep getting better. Originally called sun shelves, tanning ledges used to be smaller than they are today.tanning ledges But as fiberglass pool owners asked for more spacious ledges, fiberglass pool manufacturers answered the call.

What is a tanning ledge? A tanning ledge is a shallow lounging area at one end of the pool, typically about 12 inches deep. A well-designed tanning ledge can accommodate two lounger chairs with room for other swimmers to enter and exit the pool. You can even customize them with water features such as jets and bubblers to add to the ambiance.

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few more reasons to love tanning ledges:

  • They’re great for sun-worshippers. Tanning ledges provide a perfect perch to relax and unwind while you soak up the sun and indulge in “me time.”
  • They’re great for kids. Tanning ledges make an excellent landing pad for kids to splash and play as they grow accustomed to the water and learn pool safety rules.
  • They’re great for pets. Let’s not forget our furry friends, who also like to cool off on a hot day! Pets, particularly puppies and older dogs, need a shallow spot to get in and out of the pool. Plus, the gel coat is more resistant to scratches from a dog’s nails.
  • They’re smooth to walk on. Many potential pool buyers ask, “are fiberglass pools slippery?” Fiberglass pools often use a non-skid texture on the surface that keeps everyone up and moving safely.

Big Luxury and Elegance for Smaller Backyards.

If you want the convenience of urban living and a backyard oasis, you need to look no further than the Aspen (Patent US D851,781) fiberglass pool designs.

Coming in 5 different sizes, including as small as 12′ x 25′, these designs are among the best fiberglass pool trends that give you all the features and fit just right in smaller backyards.


Pools are for fun and relaxation. But the opportunity to get a great cardio and strength workout while enjoying the water is also a significant benefit of pool ownership. Wide-open swim areas are one of the evergreen fiberglass pool trends. Fiberglass pools can be just as functional as beautiful when you add a swimlane to the other fun features, like tanning ledges and built-in benches for socializing with friends.



Darker colors.

If you don’t love aqua blue, you don’t have to have it. A timeless trend in fiberglass pools is to opt for darker shades of blue and even grays to add a touch of elegance to your backyard fiberglass pool oasis.

Don’t wait. Now that you have an answer to “are fiberglass pools becoming more popular?” and know what’s out there, contact Thursday Pools to get in on the innovations that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. We can help your search for “fiberglass pools near me” by getting you in touch with your local independent Thursday Pools dealer. Do you have some favorite fiberglass pool trends to share? Let’s talk on social media!