The Top Five Things People Love About Tanning Ledges

tanning ledgesIn today’s frazzled world, moments of true relaxation are hard to find. We all need time to unwind, chill and find inner peace. For some, the ideal oasis may be a sunny spot on a chaise lounge in a windowsill or a cozy chair by the fire in wintertime. However, for those of us who own (or are considering) an inground fiberglass pool, a tanning ledge can be the ultimate oasis for relaxation throughout the swim season. They can also be a wonderful feature for every member of the family (both two and four-legged) as well as help make your pool unique. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why you’ll love your tanning ledge. You can:

  1. Get sun and be chill. If you love soaking up rays but soon find yourself getting overheated and seeking shade, a built-in tanning ledge is the ideal solution for you. Cooling your heels (and your bottom!) in just a few inches of water while you revel in luxurious feeling of the warm sun on your face is absolute heaven. Add in a ledge lounger, complete with a sun shade equipped with a mobile device viewer, throw in an ice bin side table to keep a cold beverage at the ready, and you’ll find yourself wondering why you would ever want to leave your own yard.
  2. Show your style. Tanning ledges aren’t only luxurious–they’re also really cool-looking! If you want your pool to be a reflection of your personality and style, add a tanning ledge and deck it out with awesome features like illuminated bubblers, fountains and spillways into the pool. Pull together the decor of the rest of your pool area by choosing custom cushions for your ledge lounger that coordinate with your other outdoor furnishings.
  3. Create a kiddo zone. Kids love to be in the pool, but their fun-time can be stressful for you if your head is on a swivel the whole time they’re swimming. Creating a kiddo zone on the tanning ledge gives them a shallow spot to play while you’re just an arm’s length away, supervising more comfortably on your awesome ledge lounger.
  4. Ease on in. Anyone with a mobility issue will appreciate the way a tanning ledge allows them to ease into the pool without negotiating large steps. So if Grandma wants to play in the water with the kids, there’s a spot for all of them. (You might even share your ledge lounger with them … but it’s okay if you don’t.)
  5. Fun for Fido. Your four-legged kids love to be in the pool too. If you like to share the water with your pups, tanning ledges are a great entry and exit point for them. Swimming is great exercise for dogs and you’ll be delighted to find them sacked out and calm after a long day in the pool.

With all the great benefits tanning ledges have to offer, the question really isn’t “Should I get a built-in tanning ledge for my inground fiberglass pool?” but rather, “How will we all fit on the tanning ledge, and do I really have to share it?” It’s a must-have luxury that you deserve, so if you’re dreaming of a new inground pool for the upcoming swim season, make sure you choose a pool design that includes a built-in tanning ledge. It will be your oasis for years to come.

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