Six Tips for Swimming in Style with the Best Pool Lights

As you’re planning your new inground swimming pool project or adding enhancements to the fiberglass pool of your dreams, don’t forget to consider the important role pool lights can play the glow can not only make your oasis safe, but  illuminated in a style all your own. There was a time when even the best inground pool lights came with just two options: on or off. Those days are long gone! From efficient LED pool lights to luxurious spa lights, a multitude of possibilities for underwater pool lights or even above-ground pool deck and area lighting, check out these six pool lighting tips and ideas to add both style and safety to your backyard.

LED Pool Lights Have Changed the Pool-Lighting Game



LED lighting accounts for the most significant and impactful improvements in swimming pool lighting throughout the past decade. They bring versatile options to the world of inground pool lighting, and, as an additional benefit, they’re energy-efficient with a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs—helping you save money on long-term pool maintenance costs.

Let’s explore six dazzling pool lighting trends and ideas that will make your backyard oasis unique and your pool parties shine:

  1. Color Your World: Color-changing LED pool lighting allows you to set the mood for any evening around the pool. If you’re planning a beach-themed party, consider all blue hues of LED lighting. Or a constantly changing rainbow effect will pair perfectly with your 1970s-themed disco extravaganza. Choose luxurious all-white lighting if you’re planning a sophisticated evening or even a poolside wedding.
  2. Highlight Your Water Features: Spa, plunge-pool, and in-pool water features such as bubblers, jets, and fountains can help create different moods in your pool environment. They’ll give younger swimmers hours of splish-splashing fun, but can also be relaxing or amp up the drama for a special party. Highlighting those water features with specialty lighting can add to your backyard’s overall “WOW” factor.
  3. Uplight Your Landscaping: If you’ve invested in beautiful landscaping surrounding your pool area, make sure it can be seen and appreciated at all hours. Adding uplighting around the bases of trees, bushes, or shrubs creates a warm and elegant mood after the sun goes down.
  4. Light Your Path for Safety: Swimming pool safety is paramount, especially during the evening and after-dark swim sessions. In addition to in-pool lighting options, consider installing recessed lighting throughout your pool deck and along the pathways leading to and around your pool. With recessed lighting options, you won’t have to worry about tripping or stubbed toes as you move to and from the pool area.
  5. Get Creative with Floating Pool Lights: A fantastic variety of fun, festive, free-floating pool lighting options are available today. They even come with built-in speakers or color-changing capabilities in a wide range of styles to perfectly complement any backyard or poolside celebration. From flameless candles and lanterns to glowing orbs, globes, and lily pads, you can find countless battery-powered lighting and floating options that you can enjoy time after time.
  6. Add the Nearby Glow of a Warm Fire: While a more extensive landscaping and design project than floating lights or LED options in and around the pool, there’s nothing quite like a fire’s cozy glow and warmth to enhance your outdoor living space. Fire pits, tables, or other fire features can be installed in your patio space close to your house, on pedestals around the edges of the pool area, or immediately adjacent to the pool so you can go straight from swimming to s’mores any time.



You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to exciting, illuminating ideas for lighting your swimming pool! So as you’re planning for your new inground fiberglass pool oasis, consult with your project’s builder and installer about the possibilities and lighting options you can include to make your pool safe, well-lit, and uniquely yours.