Swimming Pool Lighting Tips for 2020 and Beyond!

Six pool lighting ideas that will give you both style and safety in your swimming pool oasis.

Whether you’re planning a new inground swimming pool project or simply looking to enhance your existing backyard fiberglass pool oasis, lighting will play an important part, both in making your pool area safe and creating a style that’s all your own. There was a time when swimming pool lighting seemed to have two options: on or off. Those days are long gone.

LED lights have changed the pool lighting game

LED lighting is the most significant improvement in swimming pool lighting over the last few years. They have brought color, and lots of it, to the world of inground swimming pool lighting. As an additional benefit, they’re more energy-efficient and last longer than incandescent light bulbs, allowing you to save money on pool maintenance costs.

So, let’s check out six dazzling pool lighting ideas and trends that will help make your backyard pool oasis unique and your pool parties shine. 

    1. Color your world. Color-changing LED lighting allows you to set the mood for any type of evening by the pool. If you’re planning a beach-themed party, you might choose all blue LED lighting. If you’re planning a disco-themed party, you can have the lights changing constantly. For a sophisticated evening, or even a poolside wedding, choose all-white lights.
    2. Highlight your water features. In-pool water features, like bubblers, jets and fountains help create different moods; sometimes they’re relaxing, but they can also amp up the drama for a special party. Highlighting those water features with specialty lighting really adds to the “wow” factor in your backyard.
    3. Uplight your landscaping. If you’ve made the investment in beautiful landscaping around your pool area, make sure you can appreciate it after dark too. Have your pool lighting expert add uplighting around the bases of trees and shrubs to create a warm and elegant mood when the sun goes down.
    4. Light your path for safety. Swimming pool safety, especially for night-time swims, is paramount. So, in addition to the in-pool lighting your pool builder installs, consider recessed lighting in your pool deck that lights the path to and around the pool. With recessed lighting, you’ll never have to worry about tripping or stubbed toes in your pool area.
    5. Add the warm glow of a fire. There’s nothing quite like the cozy glow of a fire to warm you up on a chilly evening by the pool. Fire pits can be installed in your seating area on your pool deck, on pedestals around the edges of your pool, or even right inside your pool, if you choose a new sunken living area fiberglass pool.
    6. Get creative with floating pool lights. There is an amazing variety of fun and festive, free-floating pool lighting options available today, to perfectly complement the mood and decor of any event you want to celebrate poolside. Lanterns, flameless candles, globe, lily pads and countless other floating options can be found online, and they can be used again and again.

When it comes to lighting ideas for your swimming pool, you’re really only limited by your own imagination. So, as you’re planning for your new, inground fiberglass pool oasis, don’t forget to ask your pool builder about the lighting options that will be included in your installation and other ideas for making your new backyard oasis safe and uniquely yours.

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