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The Grand Spa

11'6" x 11'10" 35" 11'6" x 11'10" 35"

Rejuvenate, Enjoy Family Time or a Quiet Conversation. You Choose.

The Grand Spa

11'6" x 11'10" 35"

The Grand Spa

11'6" x 11'10" 35"
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How much does The Grand Spa inground pool cost?

Fiberglass inground pool costs will vary based on a number of factors, including where you live and how accessible your yard is. You’ll need to contact a Thursday Pools dealer near you for an estimate. But for a ballpark estimate, plan on about $1500 per foot of pool length, installed. To get an idea of the costs for your own inground pool project, use our handy Pool Cost Calculator.

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Available Colors

Caribbean Sparkle
The final finished product may vary from the color samples on this page.

Pool Specifications

11'6" x 11'10" 35"
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