Thursday Pools Releases Designs for Beach Entry Fiberglass Pools

Fortville, IN– Indiana fiberglass pool manufacturer, Thursday Pools, a leader in innovation and design in the fiberglass pool industry, has released their designs for the beach entry fiberglass pools (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). Beach entry pools (also known as zero entry pools) gradually slope from ground level down into the water, similar to the shore on a beach. They are most often found at resorts and upscale hotels but have recently become a sought-after feature in residential inground pools.

The new fiberglass pool beach entry designs, named Grace and Sandal each offer different features with the beach entry.

Grace is a classic, elegant rectangular beach entry design. Available in three sizes, Grace features dual deep-end seats with swim-outs and a courtesy ledge around the deep-end.

Sandal is the curvy, flirty freeform beach entry design. Sandal is available in two sizes and features a 12” deep sun shelf and swim out and also offers a courtesy ledge around the deep-end.

“With both a traditional rectangular beach entry and a freeform beach entry, we believe these designs will have something for every pool buyer,” said CFO, Bill Khamis. “Fiberglass pool owners have been asking for beach entry designs for many years now, and we’re excited to be the first and only manufacturer to offer them.”

beach entryThe beach entry designs:

  • Are exclusive. Early adopters are already getting on the list to be one of the first in their neighborhoods (or possibly even their cities or states!) to have this trend-setting fiberglass pool innovation.
  • Are luxurious. Beach entry pools bring the vacation feel of a day at the beach or a stay at a high-end resort in the privacy of your own backyard without the mess of sand.
  • Allow easy entrance and exit. The beach entry designs feature a gently sloping, non-skid pool entry that provides easy entrance and exit to the pool for children, pets and anyone who has trouble with stairs.
  • Are a gathering place for the whole family. The beach entry provides the perfect spot for families to relax and spend time together or entertain. Children can play on the slope while sunbathers sit and enjoy both the sun’s rays and the cooling water.

As with all Thursday Pools fiberglass pools, the beach entry designs are built to meet strict ISO 9001 standards for quality of construction and materials as well as ISO 14001 standards for environmental stewardship. Their pools are backed by two industry-leading warranties and are crafted with true passion and teamwork.

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Thursday Pools manufactures one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pools at its facility in Fortville, Indiana. Dedicated to bringing cutting-edge innovations to the pool world, Thursday Pools designs and handcrafts fiberglass pools to the highest standards.

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