Do It Yourself Inground Pool

DIY Inground PoolFew things can make a backyard better than having your own fiberglass swimming pool – it’s a dream many people have had since they were kids! Taking steps towards getting an inground pool can be an exciting experience, but can be quite an investment: this sometimes leads to people cutting costs where they can by attempting to install the pool themselves. 

Is it possible to build your own inground swimming pool? 

The short answer is yes, it is possible to build your own inground swimming pool. With the demand for inground pools surging, many people believe they will save money and get their fiberglass pool installed faster if they opt to do a do-it-yourself inground pool installation to avoid the wait lists. Still, the reality is that installing a pool by yourself or with the help of friends can be dangerous, cause issues with your pool and be more expensive when all is said and done.

Are inground pool kits worth it?

The initial cost of inground pool kits can save you money right off the bat, but in the long run you might end up spending a lot more money and experience more delays or setbacks than you would if you left it up to an experienced professional. 


Here are some of the cons of installing a DIY pool: 

  • No warranty

    • Having a warranty on your fiberglass pool is extremely important. If an independent dealer does not install your pool, then there is no warranty! If anything goes wrong with your pool it will not be covered, and the manufacturer will not be able to help fix the issues, which can cause a financial burden. When a pool is installed by a dealer and warranted, the burden of paying for sudden and expensive repairs is lifted off your shoulders.
  • Expensive installation

    • A typical homeowner will not already have the equipment needed to install a pool, which means you will have to purchase or rent the equipment yourself. This equipment can be expensive and not easy to find. Knowing which equipment to get and having the resources to obtain them is extremely important. Without the proper equipment – you cannot correctly install the fiberglass pool.
  • No access to proper materials

    • When installing a pool, you will need access to the correct stone material, be able to get it to your house, and know how much to use. If you use the wrong type of stone or not enough of it, this will cause your fiberglass pool to be unstable, leading to movement, leaks, cracks, and not being correctly backfilled.
  • Heavy lifting

    • We have all seen the disastrous YouTube videos of pools being lifted and then crashing into the homeowner’s house – you don’t want to be this person! The materials needed to install a pool can be heavy and hard to transport. Stone material and the fiberglass pool shell need to be appropriately delivered with the proper equipment capable of picking up and moving the pool with the correct straps. If not – your pool could be dropped and cracked before it even gets put in, and that’s on you!
  • Not having the proper education on pool equipment

    • Selecting the right pool equipment can be overwhelming because there are many options. When going through a dealer to install your fiberglass pool, the dealer will ensure that you have the correct equipment to work well together for your pool, pump, filter, water sanitation system, and heater. If this equipment is improperly sized or not compatible with your size and type of pool – leaks can happen, and pipes can crack. Additionally, many equipment manufacturers only provide a limited warranty when bought off the shelf and installed by yourself. Dealers may offer extended warranty plans when the manufacturer or retailer installs this equipment. If it breaks and is not warranted, it will be expensive to replace.
  • Knowledge of where to place skimmer, returns, and lights for maximum efficiency

    • Installing your lights, skimmer®, and returns at the wrong height or location can cause poor water circulation and lousy water chemistry, which ultimately causes poor water health.
  • Pool not placed correctly

    • Putting a pool in your yard requires more than just digging a hole and dropping the pool shell inside it. The layout and hole need to be the proper slope and depth. An uneven yard can cause the fiberglass pool to not be parallel to the house, out of level, and not adequately connected to the base material. This can cause bulges and the presence of groundwater under the pool. When installing a fiberglass pool in your yard, there are things a typical homeowner wouldn’t take into account. A professional with years of experience will take into account drainage, easements, access and sunshine!
  • It’s dangerous

    • If you install a fiberglass pool yourself, it’s very possible you may not get the correct permits. This is extremely dangerous and can cause you to get electrocuted when using your pool, even causing death at high levels of electrocution. A dealer will ensure your fiberglass pool and equipment is bonded in a way that will prevent the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people, and pets.
  • Concrete

    • Pouring concrete around a fiberglass pool is trickier than regular flatwork. Inexperienced concrete contractors can set the concrete too close to the pool wall with their equipment, causing the pool walls to move if not done correctly. Concrete can also get into the pool, which is a nightmare to clean! Overall, this leaves an undesirable finish.
  • Can take longer than expected

    • Fiberglass pools are the quickest type of pool to install, but typically this is only the case when a professional is installing the pool. If you are installing it yourself, you may run into delays and roadblocks along the way. Additionally, it would be best to consider that you will most likely be doing this as a side project on the weekends while still working your regular job throughout the week, making the project take longer.


The bottom line:

Go through a dealer! An independent dealer will ensure that your fiberglass pool is installed correctly and your manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact. Additionally, most pool builders provide their own workmanship warranty over the entire project. Our dealers have formed relationships with professionals that can perform the specific tasks you need to install a pool, ensuring that you will be relaxing in your pool stress-free in no time. 

Find a dealer closest to you

If you’d like to spend some more time planning your budget first, our inground pool cost estimator tool can give you a ballpark estimate on your project based on your needs!