How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost in North Carolina?

Do you want a pool if you live along the coastline of North Carolina (or one of its many inlets and rivers)? It may seem counterintuitive, but many of the same conditions that make the North Carolina coast so attractive for beach and water activity are the same conditions that make it perfect for a backyard pool. So, how much does a fiberglass pool cost in North Carolina? It’s a question worth exploring when you think about how nice it would be to have your own personal corner of paradise in your North Carolina backyard. 

Thursday Pools fiberglass pools offer North Carolinians the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of low maintenance and quality family time. Whether you’re looking for an entertainment area, relaxing oasis, or backyard playspace, an inground fiberglass pool is a perfect complement to a beautiful backyard. 


Are fiberglass pools good in North Carolina? 

  • Consider home values. Does a pool add value to a home in North Carolina? Absolutely! A pool adds beauty and elegance to the backyard that no other home addition can. And more so than vinyl-liner pools, a fiberglass pool can actually increase your home value. 
  • Works in Carolina’s unique topography. North Carolina’s soil is a combination of sand and clay and retains moisture, meaning it can shrink and expand with varying weather conditions. A Thursday Pools innovation, the Geo-Anchoring Pool System, was designed for conditions exactly like those in North Carolina.  
  • Health and fitness are at arm’s reach. There’s no need to go to the gym. Swimming and water activities are great for physical fitness. When you own a pool, you own a health and wellness spa in your backyard.
  • It’s great for pets. Fiberglass pools are pet-friendly with a smooth, non-skid finish that doesn’t catch on swimsuits, is kind to your pup’s paws, and can withstand their nails. 


What is the average cost to put in a fiberglass pool? 

Prices of fiberglass pools vary by region. In North Carolina, as in many southern states, fiberglass pools continue to gain popularity due to their durability and lower cost of lifetime maintenance and repair. They are winning over homeowners and the dealers who serve them. A figure we often use to ballpark fiberglass pool costs is $1,500 per linear foot. To get a sense of the average price, let’s look at some of our pools of different sizes and shapes.


Ballpark figures for inground pool cost in North Carolina 

Lil Bob

Lil Bob is a popular flat-bottomed design, perfect for backyard activity. The full-length steps and long benches provide easy access and plenty of space for watching all the action. Lil Bob is 27.5 feet long. At an average cost of $1,500 per linear foot, a basic installation comes in at $41,250. 


Cathedral LX

The Cathedral LX treats you like royalty. It has a classic design that incorporates luxurious rounded ends and a gorgeous tanning ledge on a Roman-style pool. The largest version of the Cathedral LX is just over 40 feet in length. At $1,500 per linear foot, a ballpark figure is $60,000. 


Grace Beach Entry

Voila! You can have beachfront property by installing the Sandal or Grace in your backyard (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). These two zero-entry fiberglass pools average slightly more at $1,800 per linear foot. Grace is available in three sizes, with the largest option being  40 feet in length. Applying our formula of an average cost of $1,800 per linear foot, the basic installation would be $72,000.  


Are there additional costs associated with fiberglass inground pool prices? 

In addition to the basic installation of any inground pool, you’ll want to make sure you and your installer have considered costs associated with permitting, site preparation, electrical work, dirt hauling and yard restoration. In addition, in North Carolina, you’ll need to consider fencing. A state requirement is the erection of a barrier fence at least four feet tall with specific guidelines on how wide openings can be and how latches work. 


Sharpening Your Pencil

You may now be wondering, “how much should I budget for a swimming pool?” While we’ve provided some rough figures for estimating the cost of a pool, there are site factors and options to choose that can ratchet your cost up or down depending on which you choose. We offer some useful tools to refine your estimating, including our inground pool cost estimator, the  Pool Cost Calculator and Pool Selector Tool


Ready to take the plunge? 

It’s always best to talk to someone with pool building experience and knowledge who is also well-versed in all things North Carolina. Get a free estimate for your fiberglass pool through our network of dealers and you’re on your way!