Fiberglass Pool Reviews

When you begin the process of considering a backyard pool, your mind might swirl with questions. You may start with basic questions like, “how much do fiberglass pools cost?” Or, “is a concrete pool or fiberglass pool better?” You should look for reliable information and answers to your questions from people who have already taken the plunge. In this post, we’ll give answers to three common questions pool buyers ask and throw in some fiberglass pool reviews of our own.

Are there many fiberglass pool designs to choose from?

Beach EntryYes! Over the last 30 years, fiberglass pool manufacturers have taken customers’ most loved inground pool features and designed them into the fiberglass pool shell. When comparing fiberglass vs vinyl pool cost or fiberglass vs concrete pool cost, you should factor in the features because many that are built into fiberglass pool designs may add to the cost of other pool types. Some features you’ll find in Thursday Pools designs include benches and seats, beach entries (aka zero entries) (Patent US 10,472,839), swim outs, built-in steps, tanning and safety ledges. 

We just finished the install of our Thursday Pools pool. We chose the 16×33
Goliath for its design to allow lap swimming end to end. We love the multiple sets of stairs and safety ledge on each side. The California finish color looks amazing!! Quality construction!!! Highly recommend. -Eric Demaline

Their beach entry pools are amazing! We love ours, and the beach entry is perfect for pets and children! Thursday Pools has always been a pleasure to work with ☀️” -Bonnie Sommers

We love our new pool! Fiberglass is definitely the way to go!!! -Julie Sue Upchurch

Can I get a small fiberglass inground pool? 

Good news! Thursday Pools has a variety of pool sizes to fit your backyard oasis. Perhaps you have a small yard or simply don’t want a large pool. Regardless, if you’re looking for a small fiberglass inground pool, you have options for fiberglass pool shapes and sizes with all the popular features of larger pools. Let’s look at some.




What’s the difference between fiberglass pool manufacturers? Sunday is Funday, swimming in our … Sun Day Fiberglass pool, not only Sunday but everyday we spend is a funday with Sun Day. We lounge on the sun shelf, use the wide open steps with the top one the best for our 2 year old Ava. We love the bench seats with the water spa jet returns flowing the crystal clear water. After just two days after the pool was filled we were amazed how quickly the water warmed up, the fiberglass holds heat and even at night the water remains warm. We have already had a pool party and everyone comments on the design and how beautiful the water looks. we just love our new pool and no need to take a summer vacation, just walk out the door. A special thanks to Justin and all the great staff at American Pool and Spas in Richmond, KY, from start to finish their work was professional. …yes everyday is Funday…thanks! -Will and Ashley Mason and Ava Sheets, and Bruce and Kathy Markley

While we can’t speak for the competition, we can tell you what we think makes us stand out. Thursday Pools believes that passion, care and attention to detail makes the difference. This includes our work with strategic partners, dealers and homeowners. Our pools are hand-crafted by skilled artisans in a factory-controlled environment and are built with multiple layers of strength. We are committed to innovation, quality and the environment.


I spent the winter traveling the country and kicking the tires on several fiberglass pool manufacturers. I’ve been installing auto covers for 15 years, and I have worked on every pool out there. It was time to take it to the next level with my company. I chose Thursday Pools over everything else for several reasons. The main reason I chose Thursday Pools is due to the engineering details that they have pioneered and patented. Geo-wall to anchor the exterior of the pool to the Earth, beach entry pools (Patent US 10,472,839), and pool shells that are tailored to accommodate an automatic pool cover are a few of the most important reasons for me. After I got to meet the owners of Thursday Pools and got a feel for who they are as individuals, we can’t help but to love these guys. Best decision we could’ve ever made was to choose Thursday Pools to be our manufacturers exclusively. -Josh Welsh


Great build quality and knowledgeable staff. Purchased a Titus 14×33 and absolutely love it!  Shopped other manufacturers before looking at Thursday Pools. 100% happy with our decision!

-Steve West


 Top notch pools and top notch company!! I now own two Thursday Pools and am looking forward to doing another one next year! You can’t go wrong with this company! Highly recommend it! -Kevin Weaver


Great business, great quality pool. The employees and management are so courteous. -Johnny E. Hatchet


We toured the factory and it was fantastic. Super fine swimming pools. -Christopher Gates