The Millers Get a Thursday Pools Monolith

Meet the Millers:

Thursday Pools Monolith

Todd, Susan, their kids Lauren (age 7), Camryn (age 5), Susan’s parents, and Stanley, their 10-year-old yellow lab. They live near Indianapolis, Indiana, in Carmel. Todd is an attorney, and Susan is a part-time realtor and full-time mom. She works around 25 hours per week and spends much of her free time chauffeuring the kids to and from swim meets, soccer practice and dance rehearsals. They have active social lives and especially enjoy spending time with Susan’s parents during the summer.

The Millers want a pool.

Getting a pool makes a lot of sense for them because Lauren is on the swim team and Camryn wants to join the swim team (as soon as he’s old enough). This wasn’t immediately a unanimous decision. Susan had to convince Todd just a little bit because he had some concerns about the swimming pool cost. Fortunately, Susan had done tons of research on inground swimming pool financing, and a pool will easily fit within their budget. She also made the point that an inground pool would increase the resale value of their home. (After all, she is a realtor, so she would know…)

Worried that pool maintenance was going to fall on his to-do list and cut into his game-watching time, Todd wanted to know who was going to take care of the pool. Susan assured him that swimming pool maintenance was something they could do as a family, that with a fiberglass pool, it wasn’t as hard as he thought it might be and that there are lots of ways to save time and money on pool maintenance.

Having decided on an inground fiberglass pool as the best bet for them, the only decision they needed to make was which one?

The Millers need to decide which is the best pool for them.

Here are some things that will help them decide:

  • They have a big yard, and it’s fenced in.
  • Lauren wants a pool big enough to host pool parties for her swim team.
  • The whole family likes to play games and get exercise in the water.
  • Camryn wants to get stronger as a swimmer to beat his sister in races, so he’s hoping for a pool he can swim laps in.
  • Todd, Susan and the grandparents want a place under their watchful eyes where they can teach the kids how to be safe in the water.
  • Stanley loves to swim.
  • Susan wants a place where she and Todd can relax and reconnect at the end of the day.
  • They all want the pool to be as low-maintenance as possible.

The Millers choose the Monolith by Thursday Pools.

Here’s why:

  • Thursday Pools MonolithThe Thursday Pools Monolith is big! It’s a deep and large pool that’s big enough for all their friends to party in. (Big enough to hold a whole swim team, in fact.)
  • The Thursday Pools Monolith has a flat bottom, so Lauren’s swim team can play in-pool games like basketball and volleyball. It’s also a Type 1 diving pool, so they can practice their diving too.
  • There’s a wide-open swim lane for Camryn to swim laps, but there’s also a 15-inch warning slope for the less-than-strong swimmers who might need a heads-up that they’re approaching the deep-end.
  • The Thursday Pools Monolith is pet-friendly! It has an awesome gel coat finish and dual swim-outs, so all (especially Stanley) can swim to their heart’s content and easily get in and out of the pool.
  • The Thursday Pools Monolith is automatic pool cover-ready, so the pool will stay clean when they’re not using it. (And the autocover gives them peace of mind that no one will end up in the pool unattended!)
  • The dual corner benches make a cozy seat for two where Todd and Susan can chill at the end of the day.

The Millers start living their happily ever after.

Now, the Millers are having a blast with their new Thursday Pools Monolith in their backyard swimming pool oasis. It’s beautifully landscaped, and Lauren’s friends always want to come over and play. All the kids are spending less time on their devices and more time playing together as a family. Camryn’s swimming skills are getting stronger every day, and he’s sure to make the swim team. And Susan and Todd spend quality time together by the pool, counting their blessings and planning for the future. They’re thinking that a spa might be next …

The Millers found their perfect pool, and you can too. Ready to find YOUR happily ever after pool? Contact a dealer today or get an estimate on the inground fiberglass pool of your dreams.

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*Based on the personalities, demographics and fun-loving spirit of our Thursday Pools customers, we’ve created some fictional families and paired them with their perfect pool!