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Fiberglass Pool Beach Entry Designs

fiberglass pool beach entry

Meet the Sandal Beach Entry (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839). It’s a beautifully designed fiberglass pool beach entry. It’s perks include a zero-entry, free-form shape that gives beach lovers the experience of the beach without the sand in the pants.

The entry area provides plenty of room for the toddlers in your life to splash around while still leaving space for a couple of ledge loungers. The true zero entry allows you to dip your toes to cool off or enjoy a gradual entry into the water.


Start making memories with one of our most popular and innovative designs. 

fiberglass pool beach entry fiberglass pool beach entry fiberglass pool beach entry


It’s been said, in life, we don’t remember days; we remember moments. The first step into your beach entry fiberglass pool is likely to be a very memorable moment in your life. Whether you’re lounging at the water’s edge, watching the kids splash around or chilling on the swim-out, the Sandal gives you plenty to enjoy. 

If you like the idea of owning unique items, you’ll be interested to know that Thursday Pools patented the world’s only true beach entry fiberglass pool. A fun fact for cocktail hour with your friends. No bragging, though. 


Customer Testimonials

fiberglass pool beach entry“If you love the beach and want to relax, it’s great. It’s a good size, and the care on it has been very easy.”  

– David Siegel



fiberglass pool beach entry

“We got married at the beach. It offers a space for my sisters and me to relax, while the kids and the dads play in the deep end. ” 

 – Kelly Siegel



Dealer Testimonial 

“What’s nice about this pool is it has a lot of good gathering areas for friends and family. fiberglass pool beach entrySelling Thursday Pools is easy because of the quality of the pool. ” 

– Dave Burton, owner Burton Pools





Check out some of the features you’ll enjoy most with Sandal, one of our fiberglass pool beach entry designs.  


The Sandal comes in two sizes:  
fiberglass pool beach entry           fiberglass pool beach entry

Take a look at the Sandal Beach Entry’s features that will help turn your backyard into a beach lovers paradise.  

fiberglass pool beach entry1. Beach Entry. The zero-entry transition makes the Sandal one of the easiest pools to get in and out. And with tanning ledges being one of the most popular features of today’s fiberglass pools, you’ll be happy to know you can fit two loungers in the beach entry area and still give guests plenty of room to enter and exit the pool. 





fiberglass pool beach entry 2. Wading area. Tread a little further into the beach entry, and you’ve got a wading area to cool off. It can also be a nice play zone for younger non-swimmers. 







fiberglass pool beach entry 3. Wide-open steps and bench. The Sandal’s steps and bench provide a comfy seating area to enjoy a cool conversation, and the non-skid surface provides sure footing to exit and enter the pool. Sitting on the beach, a young child who is 4’6” in height will find the water comes up just to the neckline. 





fiberglass pool beach entry4. Wide-open swim or play area. Your kids have plenty of room to make waves in the beach entry. While we haven’t come out with a wave pool yet, we know kids’ imaginations can fuel plenty of backyard adventures. 







fiberglass pool beach entry5. Sun shelf/swim-out. After a nice long swim, you can take a rest on the swim-out or soak up some rays. A 5’ 11” person can sit comfortably with his waist out of the water while a 5’ 6” person can sit on the lower bench with her shoulders just above the waterline.






fiberglass pool beach entry6. Courtesy ledge. Extending around the deep end of the pool, the courtesy ledge gives swimmers an area to stand and take a quick break before getting back into the action. 







7. Auto-cover ready. Automatic pool safety covers are a fabulous choice for fiberglass inground pool owners. They ensure that no one can enter the pool without your knowledge, reduce time spent on pool maintenance, and lower your maintenance costs. 


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Take a 360 tour of the Sandal pool design. 


See where the water comes up to you from different areas of the pool. 

Do you wonder where the water might hit you (or your family members) based on your height? Our wet tour will give you a sense of what it feels like as you enjoy every aspect of this artfully crafted pool. 


How much does the Sandal fiberglass inground pool cost?  

Fiberglass inground pool prices will vary based on a variety of factors, including where you live and how accessible your yard is. You’ll need to contact a Thursday Pools dealer for an actual estimate, but you can usually plan on about $1500 per linear foot for most pools, including installation. However, for the beach entry designs, the cost will likely run you about 15 to 20 percent more. To get a more in-depth view of inground pool project costs, try our handy Pool Cost Calculator


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Thursday Pools designs and manufactures fiberglass pool shells that are handcrafted with high standards and craftsmanship. Our one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing facility is based out of Fortville, Indiana. At Thursday Pools, we aspire to be the world’s most respected fiberglass pool manufacturer. Our innovations, commitment to quality and beautiful designs set us apart. Thursday Pools is the creator of the fiberglass pool beach entry (or zero entry) fiberglass pool (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839), as well as the fiberglass sunken living room pool. Get inspired about a backyard swimming pool oasis of your own and get a free estimate on the fiberglass pool of your dreams today. Making that dream a reality is easier than you might think. Thursday Pools: your weekend starts early with us!