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Top 5 Pool Options Every Inground Swimming Pool Buyer Should Consider

The market for inground swimming pool options is enormous and can be overwhelming, but there are only a handful that every inground pool owner should consider. Here are some important swimming pool options that you should consider and why. We have also included some budget saving tips. Automatic Pool Covers. Automatic pool covers do more […]

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How to Pick the Right Thursday Pool for You

Congratulations on choosing to add a fiberglass inground pool to your backyard. You have made a wise investment in yourself and your family. Aside from the obvious health benefits, a swimming pool will bring you countless hours of stress free rest and quality family time. Memories made around a swimming pool last forever. At Thursday […]

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Your pool’s journey to your home

Congratulations on your decision to add a fiberglass pool from Thursday Pools® to your backyard! Your decision will not just add value to your property, but it will surely be the hit of the entire neighborhood for many years to come as you host gatherings that will leave your guests in awe and wonderment. So […]

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The Goliath Fiberglass Pool Design

Your family just called, and you’ve been summoned. For what, you wonder? Other than working harder than usual and needing a vacation, nothing major has happened that would require you to immediately return home. But, wait. There is something, and it’s big – as in gigantic, and it’s guaranteed to make everyone happy. Best of […]

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How much does an inground pool cost?

On average inground pool cost varies, anywhere from $25,000-$55,000 for a basic inground pool installation and equipment package. Basic pool installations typically include a full installation, delivery, standard pool filtration, maintenance and cleaning equipment, water fill, and some band of concrete. Every pool builder packages their swimming pools differently. For example, some pool builders may […]

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POLYCOR® Shimmer® gel coat proves to be the ideal surface for inground swimming pools.

CCP Composites releases a case study done in conjunction with Thursday Pools® on the POLYCOR® Shimmer® gel coat. Case study reveals it is the ideal swimming pool surface.  Daydreaming of that quick dip in the pool? Making that dream into a reality has now been made even easier by the folks at Thursday Pools®! Combining 26 years […]

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