The Top 9 Reasons Pool Builders Recommend Fiberglass Pools

fiberglass poolsThinking of getting an inground pool? If so, you’ll have three types of pool to choose from: vinyl, fiberglass and gunite. You’ll probably want to do some research to determine which type of pool most suits you. If you have friends that have previously bought pools, you can ask them what they love about their pools and what they wish they had known before buying a pool.
As with any big investment, it’s good to ask the salespeople what they would choose for themselves. In recent years, pool builders are increasingly recommending fiberglass pools over vinyl and gunite.

Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons why.

  1. Low upfront investment. Of the three types of pools, vinyl typically has the lowest upfront investment, but fiberglass is not far behind. Unless you live in the Sunbelt, gunite will typically have the highest upfront investment.
  2. Quick turn-around times. Fiberglass pool shells typically have a turn-around time of less than a month, so your pool builder can get it quickly, complete your pool project on schedule and get you in the swim!
  3. Less dependent on fair weather. Like all outdoor work, pool installation schedules are affected by the weather. However, vinyl and gunite schedules are affected to a greater degree. Vinyl liners can wrinkle during installation if the outside temperature is too hot or too cold. Temperature swings and rain can wreak havoc on concrete pouring schedules as well. In contrast, fiberglass pools are manufactured in a climate-controlled environment and shipped in one piece so they allow for installation in varying weather conditions.
  4. Innovations. The fiberglass pool industry is seeing rapid innovation, which has resulted in cool new options for pool buyers, such as beach entry fiberglass pools (Patent US 10,358,837 and 10,472,839) and sunken living room fiberglass pools. Both of these pool designs create amazing outdoor entertaining options. Additionally, the beach entry designs are great for both younger and older swimmers who typically need to ease into the water.
  5. Variety of designs. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass pools come with an awesome array of built-in features, like tanning ledges, swim-outs, wide, non-skid steps, courtesy ledges and beverage benches. These features are also available in gunite, but they’ll be part of a custom design.
  6. A sturdy finish. Fiberglass pools are made of multiple layers of hand-laid fiberglass and finished with a fantastic gel coat finish that’s non-skid and durable for years to come. It’s beautiful, and comes in a marvelous array of colors to complement the rest of your outdoor living space.
  7. Human and pet friendly. The non-skid surface of a Thursday Pools fiberglass pool is the perfect combination of non-skid for safety and smooth (for paws, swimmers’ feet and swimsuit bottoms). If having your four-legged family members in the pool with you is important, fiberglass is the only way to go. Vinyl liners can be easily torn by dog’s paws, and the rough surface of a gunite pool can cause a lot of irritation to the pads on their feet.
  8. Lower regular pool maintenance cost. Because of their impervious surface, fiberglass pools require fewer chemicals to maintain water balance than vinyl or gunite. Choose a fiberglass pool that’s automatic pool cover-ready, and get more savings. On top of the obvious safety benefits, automatic pool covers help keep the pool cleaner and further reduce chemical loss.
  9. Dramatically less long-term maintenance. Vinyl liners will likely need to be replaced every seven years or so. Gunite pools will have to be replastered approximately every fifteen years. Fiberglass pools will always maintain their finish if they are properly maintained (i.e. balanced water chemistry).

Sounds pretty great, right? Let’s sweeten the pot with some expert advice from a couple of pool builders who recommend not just fiberglass pools, but Thursday Pools fiberglass pools.

Doug Thoele, owner of W.E.T. Pools and Spas in Effingham, Illinois had this to say:

“This has traditionally been ‘vinyl liner’ country out here. Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time educating my customers about the benefits of fiberglass over vinylit’s more durable, lower maintenance and will add to the resale value of their house. And as far as fiberglass pool manufacturers go, Thursday Pools is a top-notch company. They do things right, and their pools are easy to install. And their customer service is fantastic.”

And Matt Miller, of Raft to Rafters in Columbus, Indiana, said this:

“You can’t beat fiberglass pools for durability and ease of maintenance. As far as installation goes, I’m a big fan of Thursday Pools’ Backfill Eliminator®. Anyone who gets a fiberglass pool with a built-in tanning ledge will benefit from this innovation. It makes the ledge feel super solid, and they’ll save money on their pool project, because it makes our job easier. I also really like the fact that Thursday Pools is ISO 9001 certified. Because we’re near Cummins and Toyota, my customers know what that level of quality assurance means, and it makes them feel good about buying a truly quality product.”

Choose fiberglass pools

So, when you’re ready to take the plunge with a new inground pool, choose a fiberglass pool. You’ll have a place to create a lifetime of memories— not to mention a backyard oasis that will provide you with a place to relax, socialize, exercise and enjoy quality time with the people you love for years to come.

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