What are My Rectangle Fiberglass Pool Shell Options?

Commonly, pool buyers ask, “what shapes do fiberglass pools come in?” While the simple answer is that fiberglass pool designs are primarily either rectangular or freeform, you may be surprised by the remarkable variability of fiberglass pool shell options. The sizes, varying depths, and vast assortment of features available in fiberglass pools allow you to tailor your choice depending on your yard size, style, and the activities you want to enjoy in and around your backyard pool. Rectangular-shaped pools have clean, sharp lines and lend to a traditional elegant or modern setting. They maximize the swimming area and perimeter yard space. In this post, we’ll describe our rectangle pool shell options.


The Goliath is big on style and functionality. Offering the best of both worlds, Goliath provides plenty of room for entertaining and swimming.

  • A wide-open swim lane down the pool’s center is conducive to lap swimming or floating with friends.
  • Bench seating flanks the steps for ample room to relax and socialize.
  • Two sets of curved entry steps in the shallow end and swim-out ledges in the deep end provide easy entry and exit areas or another option for sitting. 




Monolith is the only Type One diving pool design in Thursday Pools’ collection and is suited for pool owners looking to jump, dive, float and relax. 

  • The 40’-long pool has an 8′ 6″ deep end and a large, flat-bottomed shallow end perfect for playing pool games.
  • The angled steps make it easy and safe to enter and exit the pool.
  • The shallow-end bench makes an excellent spot for relaxing and socializing. 
  • The dual deep-end benches make it a little easier for those deep-end lovers to enter and exit the pool or sit and rest.




The Aspen is a best-seller with five different available sizes to fit almost any yard. Sunbathers and swimmers alike rate this pool a favorite.

  • A large, luxurious 12-inch deep tanning ledge can comfortably accommodate two ledge loungers while leaving plenty of room to enter and exit the pool.
  • A wide-open swim space is ideal for swimming laps.
  • Curved steps stretch across the width of the pool and offer easy entry and exit . 
  • An extended bench makes for a nice spot to enjoy a beverage or engage in great conversation. 
  • Deep-end swim-outs are perfect for relaxing in the sun or watching other swimmers do their thing.


Grace Beach Entry 

Patented by Thursday Pools (Patent US 10,358,837 & 10,472,839), our beach entries are the only true zero-entry fiberglass pools with a gently sloping entry into the water. Grace creates a resort feeling and is a stunning social centerpiece for entertaining.

  • A gently sloping beach entry makes it easy for people of all ages and their pets to enter and exit the pool. The area also makes a great spot for sunbathing and can accommodate two ledge loungers.
  • A wading area is perfect for cooling off shallow waters and can double as a play area for small children.
  • The extended bench provides a place to relax and enjoy a conversation.
  • Dual deep-end swim-outs can be used for exiting the pool or just chilling out.
  • Even with all the places to relax and socialize, Grace still has a wide-open swim area for those wanting to exercise.

Lil Bob 

Lil Bob is perfect for games and the swimmers who are content to watch the action from the wet sideline. A standing depth, flat bottom design with two 12-foot-long benches helps Lil Bob keep things sporty and social.

  • Full-width ergonomic steps make it easy for everyone to enter and exit the pool.
  • A standing-depth, flat bottom design makes Lil Bob the ideal pool for water sports and activities. It’s regulation size for water volleyball.
  • Each of the 12 foot long and 18 inches deep, two facing benches make excellent court-side seats and a conversation area.
  • Lil Bob includes an open swim area thanks to strategically placed benches and steps.

Lil Bob LX 

Lil Bob LX is an extended version of Lil Bob, designed to include a tanning ledge and wading area with integrated bench seating. Everyone can find a favorite spot in Lil Bob LX.

  • A large tanning ledge easily accommodates two ledge loungers while leaving room for entry and exit. 
  • Just past the tanning ledge, a wading area provides ample space to entertain your littlest ones while the big kids get a workout in the game-ready, open swim area.
  • Generous wraparound benches allow family and friends to enjoy hours of relaxed conversation.



Spirit appeals to social butterflies, swimmers of all ages, and water activity lovers.

  • With its court-sized flat-bottom design, Spirit allows pool-goers to get their game on.
  • Extended bench seating and full-length steps at both ends of Spirit invite swimmers to rest and socialize.
  • At 4’6″ deep, swimming is comfortable for a variety of ages.


Sea Turtle 

While it is a smaller pool, Sea Turtle is still big fun. Perfect for smaller yards, Sea Turtle gives you swim and play space and can accommodate therapy jets.

  • It is medium depth throughout for standing and chatting or even a little game.
  • Wraparound benches flank the entry steps, creating an intimate conversation area where your group can relax the day away.

While each of the rectangle fiberglass pool shell options have different features, all pools by Thursday Pools are:

  • Quick to Install: Fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled environment and then shipped to the site for installation,  taking just a few weeks on average during typical pool installation seasons.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The durable gelcoat finish of a Thursday Pool retains its beautiful appearance year after year. 
  • Non-skid: Take a glance at a Thursday Pools fiberglass pool, and you might think it’s slippery. Don’t let the shiny appearance fool you. The surface is non-skid and non-snag – perfect for kids and pets!
  • Durable: We build fiberglass pools from Thursday Pools to last. The multi-layer composite fiberglass construction and innovative design features make fiberglass the most robust pool type available.
  • Feature-laden: The designers at Thursday Pools pay attention! They understand what people want and deliver pool designs that allow homeowners to get peak enjoyment out of their pool. 
  • Low maintenance: Thursday Pools are resistant to algae and mineral deposits and do not have the seams of vinyl-liner pools or the porosity of gunite pools. That saves you hours of work and many dollars every year. They can last for decades with minimal maintenance or need for acid washing, resurfacing, or re-lining.


Do you think a rectangle fiberglass pool design is right for you but are still unsure of the size and features you want? Our Pool Selector Tool can help you narrow down your choice.